‘It was never meant to be public’ Dave Portnoy sex tape partner, Sydney Raines issued a statement!

‘It was never meant to be public’ Dave Portnoy sex tape partner, Sydney Raines issued a statement!

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy who is forty six years old. He previously was married to Renee Portnoy in the year 2009 till they formally declared their separation in the year 2017. Dave’s leaked tape partner who is an Instagram model Sydney Raines, has spoken out on this topic.

Earlier on, a clip created its means on-line that includes Portnoy, 44, and a girl whose identity was not confirmed at that particular moment. The identity of the lady within the video was unofficial till Wed once Raines confirmed it absolutely was her in an exceedingly statement on Instagram within which she referred to as herself the “one and solely true corporate executive to the ‘scandal.'”

Dave Portnoy's sex tape partner, Sydney Raines issued a statement
Dave Portnoy’s sex tape partner, Sydney Raines issued a statement

“I became aware the day before yesterday that a video has surfaced on the net and yes, that was me” she began. It’s laborious to believe that a video from the past is simply returning to lightweight however it is absolutely was never meant to be public. The social media temperament ensured that whereas some might not approve of the video and its contents, it was entirely accordant. She mentioned.

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Additionally Raines also mentioned that she and Portnoy will stay friends and have no animosity between them.

There are many obstacles in life of each individual similarly I had there’s nothing we are ashamed of. “I will not label this as miscalculation since we’ve got each taken responsibility for it, however the very fact that it absolutely was leaked and denote while not our awareness and consent would be thought of bigger mistake than what we had done.”

The star insisted that she’d continue along with her regular life “without vexation” once returning forward concerning the leaked sex tape.

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The model looks to be in smart spirits over the matter, as she has no guilt instead happy. She made merry within the comments also. “I approve this message”. When her fan commented on her related to her collar that was around her neck.

“Just glad your neck is ok!” another follower wrote, to that Raines responded: “If you recognize a decent healer let me know!” after the viral video surfaced on internet Portnoy too have no idea how the third part knows about their private matter except the 2 there were no one there then who can do this shameful act. He got upset saying, “A stock is down as a result of someone has accordant? Are you f kidding me?”

At the conclusion of the video, the Barstool founder inspired investors to show matters into a chance and “buy the dip.” In addition, Portnoy told media reporters on Tuesday that there’s completely nothing wrong with the dated video besides the very fact that it’s being lawlessly distributed. He aforesaid the correlation available movement simply looks “dumb.”

“Somebody committing against the law by unseaworthy a previous video of private moments between 2 willing adults feels like a dumb reason for a stock to travel down,” he said. The one who has watched it was wrong as they committed a crime. It absolutely was never meant for public consumption. Either a way, it gives a decent buying chance in my mind.”

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