James Gunn defends “Suicide Squad” stars Margot Robbie and Harley Quinn

Helen Dunmore Sep 28, 2020
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Suicide Squad director James Gunn recently shot a fan criticizing Margot Robbie and Harley Quinn, calling him collaboration with him one of the best stars ever.

Although many fans respect the actors and directors, there will always be a few who feel the need to overturn choices in film production.

But when someone criticized Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn in one of James Gunn’s latest posts, the director hit back at the insult in the comment.

When the first shot of the upcoming movie was released on DC FanDome in early September, Harley Quinn’s new look in The Suicide Squad surprised most fans.

James Gunn recently posted fan posters of Harley Quinn and King Shark in The Suicide Squad, highlighting the obvious features of the upcoming sequel Crazy action. But one fan in the comment criticized the use of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn in the film and suggested that the director was annoyed by being forced to use her in the film. The director quickly retorted that Dr. Kinzel could easily become his favorite DC character, and Margot Robbie was known as the best actor to work with him. Take a look below.

“GTFO, she may be my favorite DC character. And Margot Robbie may be the best actor I have ever worked with. There is no one.”

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  • Are you happy that James Gunn felt comfortable defending the star?
  • Do you like Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn?
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The first suicide squad followed a team of super villains who were recruited by the government to perform dangerous black operations missions in exchange for reduced sentences.

However, James Gunn is expected to bring freshness to the team in the upcoming movie.

Suicide Squad is written and directed by James Gunn, David Dastmalchian, John Cena, Jai Courtney, Joaquin · Cosio, Nathan Fillion, Joel Kinnaman, Merrill Lynch, Flaborg, Sean Gun En, Juan Diego Botto, Storm Reid, Pete Davidson, Taika Waititi, Alice Braga, Steve Agee, Tinashe Kajese, Daniela Melchior, Peter Capaldi, Julie Julio Ruiz, Jennifer Holland, Viola Davis, Idris Elba, Margot Robbie, and Michael Rooker.

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