Jamie Foxx Honored with SAG Nomination-Alabama man in ‘Just Mercy’

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Jamie Foxx Honored with SAG Nomination for His Role as Alabama man in ‘Just Mercy’

For all the fans of Jamie Foxx, there is good news that this actor has been finally getting a reward for his hard work efforts in his movies. Yes, you heard it right! Jamie Foxx has been honored with the nomination title of Screen Actors Guild award for playing the fantastic role in the character of former Alabama death-row inmate Walter McMillian in the upcoming film named “Just Mercy.”

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx Honored with SAG Nomination: image via filmandtvnow

America Ferrera as well as Danai Gurira came up with the new announcement of this year fantastic film and yet the TV Nomination. Talking about the Just Mercy, this film has been highlighting the civil rights of the world which are based on the storyline of the defense attorney Bryan Stevenson’s own experienced as he has been fighting against the free condemned death row prisoner Walter McMillian.

Along with the Foxx, we have the name of Michael B. Jordan who is playing the role of Stevenson as well as Academy-Award winner Brie Lawson as in the part of Eva Ansley.

High Popularity of Jamie Foxx show, Just Mercy

It seems like Jamie Foxx show, Just Mercy has been coming out to be one of the top favorites among the award seasons. African American Film Critics Association hence named the Just Mercy to be one of the top 10 best films in the year 2019.

They even honored Foxx with the award of the best supporting actor as well. On the contrary, the National Board of Review also named the “Just Mercy” as being the top best films of the year 2019 with the category of “Freedom of Expression” award.

There have been so many stories about those people who have been convicted to the crimes which they have not committed at all, and still, they are imprisoned.

 This film has made itself to be one of the most exceptional contenders in the race of the coming year Academy Awards. This film is expected to be released on 20th December 2019 as in Montgomery with maximum four screenings. At the nationwide level, Just Mercy will be hitting the screens in January.

Jamie Foxx
High Popularity of Jamie Foxx show, Just Mercy. Image from epeak

What Should You Know About Just Mercy?

Just Mercy has been termed to be known as one of the best Jamie Foxx movies of all time. This film is based on the storyline of a legal story drama. The film has been directed by Destin Daniel Cretton.

The main star cast of the film is Michael B. Jordan, as well as Jamie Foxx, plus Brie Larson. The story is revolving around the attorney whose name is Bryan Stevenson.

Some of the viewers do not know the fact that Just Mercy has been based on the exact happening storyline. We all know that there have been so many criminal associated cases in the world that are not limited to the fictional setting of the universe.

There have been so many stories about those people who have been convicted of the crimes which they have not committed at all, and still, they are imprisoned. Just Mercy is the story of a real person, Walter McMillian.

Who is Walter McMillian?

Walter McMillian is the man behind this film whose real-life story has been depicted in the scriptwriting of this film. Walter was convicted in the crime of murder in the year 1988. His whole conviction was eventually obtained through the illegal set of practices of some police coercion as well as perjury. This entire trail happened to stay for around one day and a half.

 The jury of the case encountered McMillian to be guilty and hence recommended a life sentence to him. Even though there were no such pieces of evidence that were against the Walter, but still he had to face which was written in his destiny.

If we are sure that after listening out the main storyline of Walter happening, you will be waiting around to catch the film as well, 20th December 2019 is the original release date of the film, and in January the film will be released on the nationwide level.

Don’t forget to watch it!


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