Jean Kennedy Smith dies at the age of 92.

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Jean Kennedy Smith
Jean Kennedy Smith

The last surviving member of the family wrote into US history, and she was the first Keneddy woman of the generation who took a severe political role.

Jean Kennedy Smith, who as a Kennedy sister and was an ambassador to Ireland in the 1990s, helped to pave the way for an agreement that finished the decade of prolonged sectarian violence in the Northern Irland, She died on Wednesday at her home. She was 92 and was living in Manhattan.

Her daughter was Ky, Smith, who confirmed her death.

Ms. Smith was the second youngest and the member of the Kennedy family, who was deeply embedded into the subconscious of American history. She produced A president and politicians who changed the dynamics of American politics and was a complete mix of charisma and elegance with tragedy.

Personal Life:

When most people retire, Ms. Smith led to a tranquil life of philanthropy and gave a lot of her wealth into the charity. She was always found in charity events as well as in orphans home. She ever shared the tragedies which happened in her family in the form of his brother President John K Kennedy, Senator Robert F Kennedy, and Edward Kennedy, who was the youngest.

In 1993 when she was aged 65 and was a widow of Stephen E smith and a financial advisor to Ms. Smith, she was named as the president of the Dublin by Bill Clinton at the behest of her brother; he was also known as Teddy. She would always know as someone who changed and touched people’s lives with their work and philanthropic efforts.

She was an earnest woman who took a political role at such a young age. Like her sisters and the wives of the brother, she used to do campaigns for her brothers. Her Father Joseph P. Keneddy Sr was the ambassador to Britain when she was quite young, and she had visited the country of Ireland, which was the land of her ancestors along time ago. With her diplomacy, she put an end to prolonged sectarian violence in Northern Island.

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