Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson’s “Controversial” Eyeshadow Clash

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Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson’s

“The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star” was Shane Dawson’s documentary series where he originally aimed to focus on YouTube’s suspicious beauty world. This is one full of scandalous feuds as well as many eye shadow palette launches. Rather, the series looks at Dawson along with Star whilst they get together to develop a palette together. Whilst they do this, they go into a new drama of their very own.

The response of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson’s fans

During the series’ run, famous YouTuber, namely James Charles, stated that he would be taking out a fresh palette soon, as well. Dawson and Star fans responded by insulting Charles. This was done by posting insults of his work on his YouTube page. They insulted his palette as well as videos. Many states that they will be purchasing Dawson’s palette only to support him, while others claimed that Charles’ product is not as good. Charles ended by turning comments off.

Palettes are areas for fan wars when it comes to YouTube. The stakes are actually rather high. For YouTubers who are behind them, much money is to be generated.

Comparison of Jeffree Star and competitions palettes

When looking at James Charles’ primary palette, this sells for a good $39. He claimed that it sold wonderfully in November 2018, the time that it debuted. Dawson and Star’s palette claims to be more costly. The complete 18-shade palette aims to sell for $52 at the time that it will go on sale. This was on November 1st.

The nine-shade palette can be brought for $28. A $90 bundle containing six lipsticks can even be brought. The complete collection, encompassing lip gloss, lip balm, as well as a bag, can be gotten in a package that is for $210.

The “Conspiracy” palette of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson

Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star Image From Insider

The “Conspiracy” palette may generate around $17.5 million via in-store revenue sales along with another amazing $17.5 million on Jeffrey Star’s website. This is according to Morphe executives that discuss potential sales within the documentary series and also Star’s calculations. These amounts are humongous. However, Dawson and Star have 39 million YouTube followers when combined.

Influence of Morphe in beauty palettes of Jeffree Star and other famous personalities

Nearly all main beauty vloggers, as well as gurus, have their own makeup palette nowadays. For some top beauty YouTubers, the palettes are composed by the same company, i.e. Morphe. This is a decade-only brand that claims itself to be “created for the creators.” This company has partnered so as to distribute palettes with the YouTubers like Jaclyn Hill, Star, etc. and also Dawson. Therefore regardless of the person who wins the palette battle, from Charles or Dawson, Morphe will get their share.

When roaming around malls in the US and Canada, it has been said that Morphe’s store walls tend to have faces of famous creators that are immediately recognizable to teens.

There was a study in 2017 conducted by Mintel that is a beauty research firm. This claimed that male beauty YouTubers along with influencers were having an impact on those makeup items that sold at higher rates. Morphe’s vice president of global retail, i.e. Emine ErSelcuk, said that their success is due to teaming up with the influencers and YouTubers very early in this company’s life. ErSelcuk said that they do influencer collaboration which follows the vision of the particular beauty influencer. They have been successful following this formula.

Reason for this success

YouTubers tend to have a strong link with fans. They can create a hype present around their products. The main aim of Dawson’s documentary was to follow Star, who is a controversial beauty vlogger that has become common in the scene and community present around him. However, this turned into a long six-hour sales pitch that was for their fresh palette. The palette is called “Conspiracy” that is in reference to Dawson’s previous work.

Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star Image From Insider

On YouTube, different palettes are areas for fan wars nowadays. There is much competition here. It has become a type of status symbol to have the palettes of the top YouTubers even if they are expensive. This makes teenagers happy and is able to compete with one another.

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