Jennifer Aniston wishes her x husband’s birthday on Instagram featured shirtless Theroux

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Jennifer Aniston wishes her x husband’s birthday on Instagram by sharing his photographs in her posts.
She shared two images and wrote;
“Happy Birthday JT Love you.”

Jennifer Ansiton 
wishes her ex husband
Jennifer shared images on her Instagram story. One of them featured Theroux in a suit along with the shiny words HBD JT.

Jennifer shared images on her Instagram story. One of them featured Theroux in a suit along with the shiny words HBD JT. The second photograph has shirtless Theroux with a message “Truly one of a kind” and then what!! She wrote Love You.

Jennifer Instagram Story: What’s that supposed to mean?

Theroux turned 50 on 10 August, and his ex-wife wishes him a birthday- you can say a surprise birthday bash.

A little Sneak Peak to Jennifer and Theroux relationship

Justin co-wrote the story of a comedy movie that starred Ben Stiller. Aniston is Stiller’s close friend; Stiller also starred once as a guest in “Friends,” Jennifer’s hit drama.
She won Golden Globe in 2003 because of her role as Rachel Green in “Friends.” They worked together in a movie. In one of the movies, Theroux’s character was quite intense. He was unrecognizable with his long beard and hair.
Even Aniston didn’t recognize him.
During an interview with New York Magazine, he said Aniston and Theroux had scenes together, but nothing is going on between them at that time. He was in a relationship with Heidi Bivens for 14 years, and he ended this relationship. No doubt the reason is Jennifer, of course.
Aniston still proclaimed when she met Justin, he was so sweet, very nice. She admits he’s the nicest person in the world.

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Jennifer and Theroux started dating in 2011 but didn’t come in front of social media or TV officially. According to people, they moved together in Hollywood Hills.
After spending four years together, they decided to get married. Secretly got married in August 2015 in a backyard ceremony. It’s more than special when you’re celebrating the special moment of your life with your friends and family, she said.
They spent two years with Love and affection, but things getting toxic after some time, and the pair decided to split. The couple announced their separation through a statement.

They ended their relationship but not their friendship

Although he said in an interview, he still facetime and texts Aniston to talk. It seems like they ended their relationship but not their friendship.
Theroux said while talking to Entertainment Tonight
We appreciate each other, we respect each other point of view, I know it sounds boring and simple, but it’s true.”

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