Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck enjoying their lovable moment! Ben’s dad claims he doesn’t know anything about their ‘Reunion’.

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have reportedly been enjoying life as a couple since they re-bonded their relationship. Ben and Jennifer, magnificently called as Bennifer by their fans, were seen often seen in each other’s homes. After some weeks once the music sensation called off her engagement with her ‘long term sweetheart’ former Baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

Ben and Jennifer who parted their ways and split their engagement in the year 2004, are now back again and is spotted mostly spending time with each other. According to the news, the couple is going to be moving in soon.

The ‘Hustlers’ star was noticed in a car reportedly driving aloof from Ben’s house in Brentwood, Calif over the weekend. The singer sit in the car and the driver took him straight for the journey. On the opposite hand, the American actor was noticed driving himself aloof from Jennifer’s mansion in Bel Air that is not too far away from his own property.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck enjoying their lovable moment
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck enjoying their lovable moment

As per reports, it absolutely was the third time he has been spotted outside her home, According to news the last picture of ben was spotted outside the house of Jennifer which was clicked while Ben stayed at Jennifer home and returning back to his house in the morning.

Lopez and Affleck have apparently created up their minds to re-bond their old romance as they’re coming nearer day by day. And now are very close to each other but wait a minute, Did you know Ben Affleck’s Dad seems to be the last person to seek out his son has re-bond his romance with Jennifer Lopez?

Timothy Affleck told The United States Sun on Friday that he had no idea the once-engaged couple were back along after seventeen years apart. He said in a great shock that “Of course I’ve known her, but I’d have no clue regarding any of this reunion. I talk over with my kids regarding their lives when I see them, and they share what they require to share with me.”

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The 77-year-old, Ben’s father who is also the father of actor Casey Affleck, mentioned that the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented him from seeing his children, suggesting that’s why he may well be out of the loop. “I have not seen my kids from a very long time due to their busy schedule and due to Covid pandemic,” Timothy explained.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck enjoying their lovable moment
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck enjoying their lovable moment

He conjointly mentioned that reports that their 48 year old son had been longing for 51 year old Jennifer Lopez, long before their reunion are all false. He was not aware that one day After Jennifer’s breakup, they’ll be together again.

Ben Affleck and his father, Timothy Affleck, have lunch in the restaurant in New York. Timothy claimed that these reports of his son pining for Lopez are just nonsense. Ben was never for Jennifer after their breakup in 2004, it was just a coincidence that they are now being together and meeting for a while.

“They were very affectionate, very cuddly. He had his arm around her the whole time.” A source shared their date night. Their dates seem to be terribly triple-crown, because the American Actor Ben Affleck was recently noticed with a glad smirk on his face as he left Jennifer Lopez’s house after a romantic night stay at her house.

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