Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck kept a low profile on his 49th birthday

As indicated by reports, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck acted serene while praising his 49th birthday celebration. The actor made the last step towards being 50 years old on Sunday but compared to her 52nd birthday party in France, the couple seemed to retain more problems.

Jennifer Lopez with boyfriend Ben Affleck while celebrating her 52 birthday
Jennifer Lopez with boyfriend Ben Affleck in an Instagram photo

Based on TMZ, Affleck plans to do a private thing with his children before celebrating along with Lopez. He shares these children with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

Although the exit is moderate in details:

There have long been rumors that the two plan to leave the city for a visit.

If they did decide to leave Los Angeles collectively, it might be quite consistent with the best way they spent last month on her 52nd birthday.

The two flew to Saint-Tropez, France, to hold a grand party at L’Opera. In addition to flirting and becoming comfortable in the personal sales space, her excessive celebrations also include fireworks, champagne, flashing lights, dense fog, the Puerto Rican flag and birthday signals.

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez kept a low profile on his 49th birthday.

The extravagant birthday celebrations arrived just hours after JLo first publicly confirmed that she had wooed Ben Affleck with hot bikini yacht photos.

The couple did not stop there. In the next few days, they noticed some additional examples and put it on the yacht. While enjoying the solar energy in southern France, JLo and Affleck even reproduced his famous ass from her music video “Jenny from the Block”.

Lopez and Affleck were first seen on the whole in late April in the wake of finishing their commitment with Alex Rodriguez half a month prior.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

The “Hawkers” star and the “Argo” chief were initially a group from 2002-2004.

Soon after Affleck broke up with actress Ana de Armas, the renewed romance came here. At the same time, Lopez rebounded relatively quickly with the “goodwill hunt” actor. After his high-profile breakup with former fiance Alex Rodriguez. The couple will get married in a few months before they suddenly reduce the problem.

On the eve of Affleck’s birthday, JLo shocked her followers again because she deleted any possible trace of Arod from her social media on Instagram.

This includes photos of collective predecessors during the inauguration of President Joe Biden, where J. Lo performed “This land is your land” and “Beautiful America”.

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