Jennifer Lopez revealed from where she took the inspiration for her song ‘Ain’t It Funny.’

Jennifer Lopez in an interview revealed in an interview the inspiration for her song ‘Ain’t It Funny.’ The song was recorded by Jennifer for the Adam Shankman-directed romantic Comedy ‘The Wedding Planner.’ Recently with an interview with MTV News that how her song ‘Ain’t It Funny’ was inspired by The Wedding Planner.

Jennifer Lopez's song 'Ain't It Funny'
Jennifer Lopez’s song ‘Ain’t It Funny’

20 years back, in 2001 the song was released which was written by Lopez and Cory Rooney. This song was released as the 3rd single from the album on the 20th of June in 2001 by Epic Records. The song was produced by Cory Rooney, also the writer, and Dan Shea.

Ms. Lopez was asked the question “How was the song inspired by ‘The Wedding Planner’?”. She revealed that the director, Adam Shankman told her that he wants the soundtrack to be played at the end of the movie. So, she went to Cory Rooney and ask for collaboration. And, that she worked her heart out on this track.

MTV News wrote on their official Twitter handle, “J. Lo released her self-titled sophomore album 20 years ago this month! Back in 2001, she told us how ‘Ain’t It Funny’ was inspired by The Wedding Planner, and even if it didn’t make the final cut, it’s still a bop.”

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A short introduction about Jennifer Lopez and her song ‘Ain’t It Funny.’

The American actress Jennifer Lynn Lopez is also known by her nickname J. Lo, also the owner of J. Lo Beauty. Jennifer was born on the 24th of July back in the year 1969 in New York City, US. She is a well-known actress alongside a singer, dancer, fashion designer, producer, and businesswoman.

Born: July 24, 1969

Height: 1.64 m

Weight: 59 kg/ 130 lbs.

Spouse: Ojani Noa, Cris Judd, Marc Anthony

Children: Emme Maribel Muñiz, Maximilian David Muñiz

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Net Worth: $400 Million

Recent Album: ‘In the Morning’

The American actress is a self-made woman who received critical praise and a Golden Globe nomination for her performance in ‘Hustlers.’ She also owned a beauty line known as J. Lo Beauty, besides she also partnered with fragrance company Designer Parfums since 2017.

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