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In Jessica Alba life, this is by no means a dull moment. The 39-year-old celebrity entrepreneur has been in close contact with the rattlesnake this week and around the week. “When you unknowingly walk near a 5-foot-high rattle”. Jessica wrote in the video caption that captured the event. She added a preface: “Adult Language”. Jessica peacefully admiring a red clay statue of a woman outdoors. When she started moving, things changed drastically!

Completed in an instant

This was originally “completed in an instant,” but critters spoiled the fun. Jessica lowered her head when she took off her mask, only to find that a rattlesnake foot had left her!

The person behind the camera said while another yelled, “Oh, this is a rattlesnake! Get out!” The next slide in Jessica’s carousel post shows five footers in full view.

Christopher Gillette of Gator Boys regarded this encounter as an educational moment. They are not aggressive people, they are not “chasing” people, they just want to eat rats alone (good for humans). Ignore them, they ignore you!”

It’s been more than seven years since Jessica Alba starred in the dance movie “Honey”, but now the actress proves that she still has some impressive moves. On Instagram, the 39-year-old mother and daughter Haven participated in a fun TikTok dance challenge together, and they went all out. Alba wrote, “My baby (the lion emoji) has a savage transition.” It quotes the impressive loop created by Haven by hand.

The mother-daughter duo appeared in casual clothes because they nailed TikTok dance in Alba’s wardrobe. We only saw a small part of the star’s shoe rack, which filled with what appeared to be black high heels. However, this is not the first time the star has seen one side in her fashion closet. As early as May, the mother of three children shared a frank YouTube video in the first DIY hairstyle sharing with her daughter. All the actions happen in her closet, guys, it’s beautiful.

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The closet has a comfortable seating area, a full set of clothes, a built-in shoe rack, and a white central accessory.

When Alba is not dancing with her children or giving them haircuts, the actress is busy promoting her brands The Honest Company and Honest Beauty, the latter selling clean, cruelty-free beauty products. Just recently, the entrepreneur also gave some skincare courses to actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), which was the peak of quarantine. Watch their videos and more great content from Alba on the new YouTube channel.

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