Jimmy Fallon and Chloe Rose Fineman teamed up for a new music video

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Jimmy Fallon and Chloe Rose Fineman collaborated for a choreo-filled music video for Harry’s hit “Treat People with Kindness.” In Tonight Show on Monday, Jimmy Fallon starred in a parody skit for Harry Styles’ new video “Treat People with Kindness,”

Jimmy Fallon and Chloe Rose team up for a music video
Jimmy Fallon and Chloe Rose team up for a music video

Tweeted by Jimmy Fallon, he told about the new video ‘TPWK’ on January 5, 2021. Fallon shared some pictures and wrote, “listen to Harry Styles and treat people with kindness. You can start by tuning into our first show of 2021.”

In this video, the British artist dances a duet with Fleabag creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Fallon portrays an over-the-top Styles during dance practice rather than sending up the video itself. He went through the choreography voluntarily narrates each move as he goes.

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When Harry met Phoebe: originally Jimmy Fallon and Chloe Rose

Afterward, he FaceTime his duet partner Phoebe Waller-Bridge, played hysterically by Saturday Night Live cast member Chloe Rose. A video shared by Jimmy Fallon recently, showed some clips of when Harry met Phoebe for the making of “Treat People with Kindness.”

In the video, Chloe Rose Fineman says, “Oh, Harry! FaceTime! Quite cheeky, you’ve caught me in the middle of dinner- a cheesy, drippy little slut of a pizza.” The new video “TPWK” appears on Styles’ sophomore LP,2019’s Fine Line. This video comes after his previously released visual for an LP track named “Golden.” Styles released Fine Line-1-year Anniversary Limited Edition Box Set.

As announced by the pop star, there would be a delay in his U.K. and European shows originally scheduled for February and march on account of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While pointing just like Barrymore as Fallon bent over in laughter, Chloe Rose Fineman said, “The children were nestled all sung in their amazing beds, while visions of the most gorgeous sugar plums danced in their head,”

Fineman’s impression of Waller-Bridge is accomplished with her British accent, big smile, and a sideways glimpse at the camera. All these were a signature move in Waller-Bridge acclaimed show, “Fleabag.”

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