Jimmy Kimmel on hosting the 2020 Emmys

Jimmy Kimmel has just returned from summer vacation. This vacation includes family trips, late-night competitor’s check-in procedures, and four-day filming, filming another 17 episodes of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” revival, Will return in October. 18 years old, the guest host filled in the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” which was temporarily shortened by ABC.

The late-night talk show (Emmy nominee) is back on Monday, but the 52-year-old No. 1 Kimmel will host the Emmy Awards ceremony (8 EDT / PDT) on Sunday. This is his third and best time. He unusually served as the biggest night of the TV station.

COVID-19 pandemic

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s awards show will look very different: there will be no red-carpet fashion preview, and Kimmel will mainly stay at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, with only a small film crew around, but no nominees, too. There is no audience. Instead, 125 winners from the 20 cities (including London, Toronto, and Tel Aviv) sent to them by the TV Academy will broadcast their lives in their homes, including laptops, cameras, ring lights, and microphones. The Emmy Awards are promised by Oprah Winfrey, Gabrielle Union, Lin Manuel Miranda, and Count von Count) and so on “special appearance”.

Jimmy Kimmel announced

Jimmy Kimmel announced a few months back that he would take a few months off from the late-night show. Who immediately reacted negatively to the announcement there?

Kimmel said, “Tonight is my last rookie this summer. I want to spend the summer vacation and spend more time with my family.” At the same time, he assured the audience that everything is right and his family is healthy. He can take a break.

Kimmel has been in this job for nearly 18 years. Although when he went, a group of talented people filled it.

At that time, Kimmel’s long-time comedy fight partner Damon came out of a bedroom in Kimmel’s house, wearing a robe and mask, and holding a drink.

After Kimmel found his wife Molly McNearney walked out of the room Damon appeared, the meeting ended. She is also wearing a robe.

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