Jonathan Turley As the Main Witness Of Trump Impeachment

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Jonathan Turley, Trump Impeachment

Well during House Judiciary Committee’s at the time of the first impeachment which was held on Wednesday, almost all the legal scholars state that President Trump was guilty in its court trial and even abused his office management.

It has been predicted that the declining of the impeachment will be bringing a brazen behavior by the side of the Donald Trump after at the end of the impeachment event and so as the future president’s tool.

There was a dissent that was introduced by the side of the George Washington University law professor known as Jonathan Turley who was called by the bottom of the Republicans for the testify. He altogether avoided the whole situation when it comes to defending Donald Trump actions on top of the merits.

But at the same time, he did argue that they were not at all impeachable based on the crimes. They even insisted that the democrats should be spending some time in terms of collecting the pieces of evidence before taking any step further. Well, he was half-right.

Jonathan Turley
Jonathan Turley As the Main Witness Of Trump Impeachment
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What is the Role of Turley in Donald Trump Impeachment?

Mr. Turley has on the whole incorrectly some across in playing down the full gravity of the allegations that were coming all across in the line of Donald Trump. It was also in view with the strength of the current record timeline.

 The whole public was already aware from the fact that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was in aid of some military help and during the time of the White House meeting he did ask for some favor by the side of the Donald Trump. This favor was carried out in support of the investigations that were based on some false premises and hence can alternatively help Trump in his political career.

Jonathan Turley
What is the Role of Turley in Donald Trump Impeachment?
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What is The Story Behind Donald Trump Impeachment?

This whole scenario of Impeachment in the US is happening today because of a single phone which Donald Trump made to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. In this phone call, Donald has urged the Ukraine president to investigate upon the Joe Biden full involvement over the removal of a top prosecutor in Ukraine.

 Biden is doing so to protect his son Hunter Biden who was part of natural gas Company in Ukraine who was also under investigation many years back. Although no such pieces of evidence were highlighted in terms of any sort of wrongdoings in favor of Biden and his son.

But in return, the prosecutor himself was found to be the main culprit. Donald has himself admitted that he had discussed Biden Hunter in his phone call. Therefore Pelosi has often announced that she will be taking the initial steps in the direction of House impeachment inquiry.

The details were highlighted in September, but till now so many witnesses have been put into questioning so far. Some new pieces of evidence are coming in the front line. Some of them even testify the fact that they do believe that Donald has been making hard efforts to perform a small meeting with Ukraine President in White House for pressurizing them to investigating all of his political rivalries.

Well, every single person wants to know that what impeachment hearing witnesses will tell this week in front of the committee. Almost nine witnesses are expected to appear this week to testify themselves. Some of them were part of the scandal on a high level as compared to other witnesses. Whereas some of them were more eager to somehow defend Donald Trump on a political basis as compared to others!

Jonathan Turley
What is The Story Behind Donald Trump Impeachment? Image From esquire

What is The Final Verdict of Mr Turley Investigation?

During the whole process of impeachment, Donald Trump has been a little rude and abusive with his office management that was a lot disturbing. And it was much more troubling for him when Turley was not in his favor during the trial session.

This whole impeachment trial session will be a big lesson for the coming presidents who have been making efforts to involve themselves in the political matters of some other nations which are not at all allowed to do so.


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