Journalist Ayaz Amir’s son is the number one suspect in his mother’s murder

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Ayaz Amir

Sara’s murder allegedly involved a dumbbell, and the son of a journalist is currently in police custody.
According to a private TV broadcaster, a senior journalist, Ayaz Amir, has lost his daughter-in-law to a brutal murder in Islamabad’s Chak Shahzad neighborhood.

The Islamabad Police Spokesperson claims that Shah Nawaz, Ayaz Amir’s son, murdered his wife Sara in their home. Her corpse was discovered in a barn. Ayaz Amir’s son has been arrested, according to a police official. The situation is being looked into, according to the police spokesman, and any new information will be released.

Sara and Shah Nawaz had reportedly been married for only three months. Sara worked in Dubai and had recently been in Pakistan to buy a car. According to their sources, they indicated that the two had met online. At night, the couple reportedly disagreed with the farmhouse where Shah Nawaz’s mother was staying with them.

According to the sources, Shah Nawaz allegedly struck Sara with an iron item, causing her to faint. Afterward, he supposedly transferred her to a bathtub and turned on the water. Reports surfaced on Friday that Sara Bibi, the daughter-in-law of senior journalist Ayaz Amir, had been slain in the Islamabad neighborhood of Chak Shehzad.

Ayaz Amir

The 37-year-old was discovered dead in a rural area where she had been a resident at a farmhouse. Her husband, Shah Nawaz, is the main suspect in her alleged dumbbell murder.

The journalist’s son, who had fled the scene before police and investigation teams arrived, was apprehended.

The police have stated, however, that the FIR will be filed after an investigation has been completed.

A police representative said, “The incident is being examined,” and would not further.

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Ayaz Amir spoke to the media about the news, expressing his dismay and sadness.

I hope this never happens to anyone,” he remarked. “When I heard the news… what can I say?” he said, at a loss for words.

Ayaz Amir

“It’s the kind of stuff that gives you the chills,” he admitted. When pressed for more information, Amir said he couldn’t discuss “legal things,” so he remained silent.

According to a report published by Punjab Police, the rate of violence against women in the region has been steadily increasing over the previous few years.

There was a 200 percent increase in reported cases of violence against women across Pakistan between January 2020 and March 2020, according to a report titled “Tracking Crimes against People – A Numerical Tale of Human (In)Security” prepared by the rights group Sustainable Social Development Organisation.

According to the data, many of the offenders of crimes against women were found to be close relatives.

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