Judge Judy Died: ‘Judge Judy’ Announcer Jerry Bishop Died due to Heart Disease at 84

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Judge Judy Died: The announcer, Jerry Bishop of “Juge Judy” daytime courtroom show passed away after the kidney failure and heart complications at 84. On Tuesday, the granddaughter of Jerry Bishop told the Hollywood new-reporter.

Judge Judy Died
Jerry Bishop died at 84
Credit: mirror.co.uk

Jerry Bishop worked as Judge Judy announcer for more than 24 years. www.usatoday.com confirms this news.

A short introduction about Judge Judy:

Jerry G. Bishop was born in Chicago (United States) and started his career as a radio and television personality. Initially, he became famous for his role in Svengoolie, and his award-winning stint Sun-Up San Diego.

Born: August 3, 1936

Died: September 15, 2013

Occupation: Radio/TV personality

Spouse: Velma Leventhal (died in 2007)

Children: Karen, Michelle, and Stephanie

Judge Judy Died
Jerry Bishop announcer at Judge Judy
Credit: www.sandiegouniontribune.com/

He had radio roles on many stations, including KIIS, WDRC-Hartford, LAC, KFI, and others. But he got most of the audience’s attention due to his announcer job in “Judge Judy.”.

Bishop’s job kept going up until his last days. His voice was incredible, mitigating, and mindful, which are three characteristics he epitomized so well.

Judge Judy (Judy Sheindlin) said: 

Judge Judy Died
Judge Judy (Sheindlin)
Credit: 247newsaroundtheworld.com

Everyone loved the voice of Jerry Bishop. He had a golden, kind, and generous heart. We loved it very much and will remember it.

Arlene Thornton (Bishop’s agent) said:

Jerry Bishop was more than a customer yet a companion, as well. One of the dearest partner that anyone would ever have. He was a sovereign and a mensch. However, he was to be a real family.

Earlier life of Jerry Bishop:

In the 1950s, Jerry earned his broadcast journalism degree from Emerson College. During these years, he fell in love with “Velma Leventhal,” and in 1956, they married in Hartford, before shifting to California.

Jerry also did a lot of promotional voiceover for the NBC and ABC and also worked for more than 15 years, as the voice of the Disney Channel (U.S).

What’s Judge Judy’s salary?

According to the reports of October 2013, Sheindlin (Judge Judy) is the most expensive TV star. Her net worth is 47 million dollars. And she works only 52 days in the entire year.

Why is Judge Judy wearing a ponytail?

When first time Judge Judy wore a ponytail in her show at 72 age, many fans criticized her. Later in a New York Times interview, she said that after working in many shows, she wants to give a break to her hair from styling.

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