Justin Bieber returns to the stage kicking off the New Year

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Justin Bieber returns to the stage after 2017
Justin Bieber returns to the stage after 2017

Justin Bieber returns to the stage to perform for his first live stage show since 2017.

He is kicking off the New Year, January 1rst 2021, in partnership with T-Mobile!

He entered the New Year by entering the Ring in His New Year’s New ‘Anyone’ video.

Justin Bieber tweeted and captioned the picture as “Bieber NYE tonight, Ring in the New Year with us.”

It was promised by him, so he had dropped not simply a new year single for his fans.

But a music video in which a singer settles to fight for what has gone, and what hits so hard in the past.

The video is a salute to all who had their ass kicked by the previous year, 2020, the year of darkness all over.

Justin released the track and the existing video at midnight of 1rst January 2021.

The video and track were released after premiering it during his T-Mobile present New Year’s Eve Live with Justin Bieber on Thursday night.

It is tweeted by him on Wednesday, he wrote “Oh yeah I’m performing my new single ‘ANYONE’ during Bieber NYE tomorrow night.”


Justin Bieber returns with no Body Art

It was seen that Bieber removed all the tattoos from his body for the new music video.

He tweeted a video in which all his body’s tattoos were being removed, cleaning all his body.

Justin Bieber captioned the video of getting ready for his music video, as, “No tats for the ‘Anyone Video’ “

Apple Music launched on June 30th, 2015, also tweeted promoting Justin’s new video by saying,

“Kick off the new year with new ‘Justin Bieber’ listen to Anyone now on apple.com “

Justin Bieber's new music video 'Anyone' is out
Justin Bieber’s new music video ‘Anyone’ is out

T-Mobile tweeted, “The turnout for Bieber NYE was unbelievable! So many turned in and the Venue-live site was temporarily overwhelmed.

We are starting 2021 off on a high note and adding a third airing of the full concert on 1/1 at 10 pm ET- included with your original access.” 

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