Justin Bieber’s new track ANYONE is now on Amazon Music

Bieber's new track ANYONE on Amazon Music
Bieber’s new track ANYONE on Amazon Music

Justin Bieber’s new track ANYONE is now on Amazon Music. The release of his new track ‘ANYONE’ follows his recent partnership with the famous Canadian singer and songwriter, Shawn Mendes, on “Monster,” off Mendes’ album Wonder, also Bieber’s recent singles “Holy” and “Lonely.”

Recently tweeted by Amazon Music, they informed their fans and listeners that they can now approach Justin’s new song on Amazon Music, they wrote, “Justin Bieber sets the tone for 2021 with new track ANYONE. Listen now on Amazon music.”

Fans of English music should check out this latest English song “Anyone” sung by multi-instrumentalist, Justin Bieber. He said in a statement, “I can’t think of a better way to close 2020 and kick-off 2021 than celebrating with my fans all over the world and sharing this new music with them.”

Besides Jay Bee said, “Music has gotten us all through so much this year, and for me personally it’s been healing and transformative. ‘Anyone’ is such a special, hopeful, anthemic song. It sets the tone for a brighter new year full of hope and possibility.”

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Bieber removed all his tattoos for his new track ANYONE

Justin removed all his tattoos for the new track ANYONE
Justin removed all his tattoos for the new track ANYONE

Justin performed this new song first on New Year’s Eve, during the T-Mobile presents New Year’s Eve Live with Justin Bieber special. It is observed that the track features quite the throwback look for Bieber.

In the Colin Tilley-directed video Justin plays a Rocky-Esque boxer who is shown training, drinking raw eggs, and competing in the ring, . Justin Bieber, who is famous for his tattooed body was seen sans ink in the video paired with his shaggy hair.

Many of his fans and admirers noted that the appearance reminds them of Bieber at the beginning of his career. After the debut of the video, Bieber posted a behind-the-scenes time-lapse video to his Twitter and Instagram account representing the process of getting his tattoos removed.

Those tattoos covering his arms, torso, and legs were all removed, he captioned the video with, “No tats for the #Anyonevideo,”

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