Justin Turner Eliminated for being COVID Positive

Justin Turner returned to the diamond about an hour after the game.

Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner was eliminated from World Series Game 6 during the eighth inning of L.A’s. title-securing triumph. After the game, it was reported on the Fox broadcast that Turner had tried positive for COVID-19. It was Major League Baseball’s first certain trial of the end of the season games, and Turner was promptly eliminated from the game once the positive test outcome was known.

Justin Turner tested positive for Covid-19

Sources advised that Turner had been approached to seclude after the positive test however that nobody prevented him from going on the field to celebrate.

Sources told that, in the subsequent inning, the lab doing COVID-19 tests educated MLB that Turner’s test from Monday returned uncertainly. It is muddled why the aftereffects of the test showed up after the game started, as they ordinarily do in advance. Tests taken from Tuesday showed up at the lab and Turner’s was run quickly, sources said. At the point when it appeared positive, the alliance called the Dodgers and said to pull Turner.

Turner tested positive for Coronavirus but he returned to the field for celebration
Turner tested positive for Coronavirus but he returned to the field for celebration


He was supplanted in the field by Edwin Rios.

MLB chief Rob Manfred was gotten some information about Turner’s positive test after he gave Corey Seager the World Series MVP prize. Bill Shaikin tweeted that stated, “We mastered during the game. He was quickly separated to forestall spread.”

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Turner’s Tweet

Turner tweeted after the game and soon after the tweet, a veiled Turner got back to the field and was hauling around the prize while celebrating with partners.

With the Turner news, it shows up MLB evaded a genuine shot with the Dodgers shutting things down and staying away from a Game 7.

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 During the 60-game standard season, MLB needed to delay 43 games because of positive COVID tests. Two groups – the Florida Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals – had critical episodes in July and August that undermined their seasons. In any case, the class had the option to finish the 60-game season and utilized impartial destinations in the postseason to restrict travel and presentation. Turner’s test was a jostling approach to end what was conceivably the oddest season in baseball history.

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