Kaavan worlds loneliest Elephant

The iconic singer and actress Cher is going to visit Pakistan on Friday to celebrate the departure of Kaavan, known as “the loneliest elephant in the world.” After years of lobbying by animal rights organizations and activists, Kavan will soon leave the Pakistan Zoo to improve conditions.

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For safety reasons, Schell’s schedule has not been made public, but “she is moving forward,” said Martin Bauer of Four Paws International, an animal welfare organization based in Vienna.

Kaavan elephant new home

The elephant spent 35 years in the zoo and lost his partner in 2012. Earlier this year, he was diagnosed by a veterinarian as overweight and malnourished, and suffered from behavioral problems. He is scheduled to go to a shelter in Cambodia on Sunday.

Cher is in charge of Kaavan’s business and has always advocated for relocation. The four paws that frequently perform animal rescue missions have provided Kaavan with the medical services needed to travel. His relocation battle started in 2016.

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Kaavan worlds loneliest Elephant
Kaavan worlds loneliest Elephant

Bauer told the Associated Press last Friday: “Thanks to Cher and local militants in Pakistan, Kavan’s fate has made headlines all over the world, which facilitated his transfer.”

Bauer said that even after he is in Cambodia, he would need many years of physical and even psychological help.

Due to the poor living conditions attributed to systemic negligence, the High Court of Pakistan ordered the closure of the Maghazar Zoo in Islamabad in May. Kaavan lived for many years.

Kaavan’s health

A medical examination in September revealed that Kaavan’s nails were cracked and overgrown, which was the result of years of living on an improperly enclosed floor, which had damaged his feet.

The elephant also exhibited stereotyped behavior, shaking back and forth for several hours, and the wildlife veterinarian and expert medical team blamed his boredom.

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For the past three months, the four-paw team composed of veterinarian Dr. Amil Khalil and the Islamabad Wildlife Management Committee has been preparing Kaavan to leave. Members of the welfare group will also accompany him to the shelter.

Celebrities always promote their voices and are welcomed because they help to start public discussions and put pressure on competent authorities.

There are animal lovers all over the world, in name but not in reality, and the support of every animal is vital.

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