Kangana defends queen against Meghan’s ‘saas bahu sazish stuff’

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle
Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Kangana ranaut a Bollywood actress, also known for her controversies. This time she also steps in the hot worldwide topic about the royal family. Let’s go through what she has said in behalf of Queen Elizabeth and how people reacted to her tweet. We can see both positive and negative comments under the tweet. Some are trolling her again and advising her not to interfere in someone’s family matter. Some are accusing her as don’t judge anyone from one side story. Inspite of all the hate comments kangana never cares and bravely put forward all her opinions whether anybody likes it or not. In this matter of royal family distipute kangana also passed some judgements.

Kangana Ranaut defends the queen against Harry, Meghan’s ‘saas bahu sazish stuff’ Being a ‘great queen’ excuses her not being a perfect grandmother-in-law, Ranaut believes. She is famed for her unconventional opinions and disputable statements quite more than her acting skills, Indian actor Kangana Ranaut never shies aloof from giving her opinion on one thing that’s trending.

Recently, following topic of royals Harry and Meghan’s explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, the Tanu Weds Manu star took to social media to defend Queen Elizabeth, dismissing things as “saas, bahu, sazish sort stuff.” United Nations agency knew the queen required Ranaut to come back to her defence. “I never saw the interview as saas, bahu, sazish sort stuff never excites me. All i need to mention is one girl the sole ruling Monarch left on this globe might not be a perfect MIL/wife/sister, however she could be a great Queen.” To clarify, Ranaut isn’t a British national and Queen Elizabeth isn’t her monarch. However concern not, Ranaut was fast to clarify why she thinks the queen is nice. “She carried forward her father’s dream, saved the crown higher than any son may have. We tend to can’t play each role just right though we tend to surpass one, ought to be enough. She saved the crown. Let her retire sort of a Queen,” she said. Naturally, individuals referred to as her out on her statement, language her information of history appeared restricted to the tv show The Crown.

Many of the people speak against kangana,

One said, “When you watch one season of the crown and currently suppose you recognize the ins and outs of the royal family”

Previously, in associate interview that left Britain’s autocracy jolted, Meghan and married in 2018, suspect the royal line of rejecting her pleas for psychological state support, following the racial and domestic trauma she suffered once she became a part of their family. The morning once the interview was airy, Piers Morgan same on farewell Great Britain, among a torrent of alternative criticisms, that he failed to believe a word Meghan had same. Despite kangana believes that a man would be judged according to his leadership not on the bases of stupid family problems. She excluded it as Gandhi was also not a good son or husband but he is a great leader and will be remembered as one.

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