Katy Perry is ready to be 100% Vegan, she told her, 109 Million Followers.

Katy Perry is ready to be 100% Vegan, she told her, 109 Million Followers.

Katy Perry told her 109 million followers that she is ready to be 100% Vegan. In the journey of being Vegan, her Dog Nugget has been participating for the past four months. On her Twitter account, Katy Perry revealed that she is 95% ready to be 100% vegan with her Dog.

Katy Perry is ready to be 100% vegan
Katy Perry is ready to be 100% vegan

On Sunday, the American songstress through her official Twitter handle revealed to adopt veganism. She also mentioned that her 4-legged champion is also with her on her journey of being 100% Vegan. She added in fact the Dog, Nugget has joined the path in the last four months with her.

The five-time American Music Award-winning pop star, Katy Perry wrote on her Twitter account, “I’m about 95% ready to be 100% Vegan.” Besides she wrote, “My dog has been joining me this journey for the past 4 months. Pray for us ok.”

The singer who’s an investor in plant-based meat brand Impossible Foods revealed the news on Sunday 17th of January. Within a small period, the tweet circulated over the internet and was easy to catch the attention of netizens on the micro-blogging forum.

The tweet went on to make headlines too, alongside above 41k likes and over 2.5K comments. The animal rights organization also commented in the comment section of Perry’s tweet. They wrote, “Wonderful news! We’re so happy for you and Nugget too. You’ll both love how it feels eating clean and helping animals.”

The organization also mentioned some healthy vegan dog food for Perry’s dog. They added, “Some healthy vegan goodies Nugget will love: Vegan dog food that your dog is sure to love.”

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How Katy Perry made her way to be 100% Vegan?

When Perry was pregnant, she revealed that she is grossed out by beef and she wasn’t ‘really into red meat.’ The ‘Not the End of the World’ singer opted for the Impossible Burger instead. The burger was praised by both, her husband, Orlando Bloom, and her.

According to the animal rights charity PETA, dogs can be plant-based until and unless their nutritional requirements are met.

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