Keira Knightley does not remember her role in “Star Wars”: Phantom Menace

Keira Knightley is part of the Star Wars universe, even though she struggles to recall half of what she did in it.

Keira Knightley Role in Star Wars

Knightley played the role of Naboo, QuadPadmé Amidala, and Queen Padmé Amidala in “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” the vital double figure of a maid and body, Sabé, which was recently reflected by several of her heroines Sabé’s efforts on behalf of Padéé went much earlier than in the most glorious business negotiations that led to the invasion of Naboo.

Queen Amidala

Sabé made such an outstanding figure for Queen Amidala that Knightley thought she was Padmé for at least a minute.

“Am I not Padmé?” Knightley asked coming soon. Net to discuss her position in Star Wars. “Oh, I’m Sabé. You know, I watched that movie once after it was released. I think I was only 12 years old, and it came out. I saw it the next year, but I never saw it again. So I play Sabé. Didn’t she die? I want her to live a happy life on a distant planet. I’m sure she did.”

With “Star Wars” entering the field of television, and at least a female-led television series, is Knightley at risk of returning to Sabé? Knightley laughed at the concept.

According to the official Star Wars database, “Sabé is the most important of the royal family descendants of Queen Amidala. In crisis situations, Sabé and Amidala will change roles. Sabé became a decoy, dressed as a Queen, while Amidala wore a simple maid gown, named after her informal name Padmé Naberrie In this position, Sabé and Padmé secretly communicated subtle signals so as not to reveal they’re true identities. During the trade alliance’s invasion of Naboo, Sabé ) Has served as queen many times.”

Another Keira Knightley interview

In another interview published in March, Knightley recalled that during the long filming process, Trouble kept awake and she stood in the background.

 Knightley said: “I mean, I’m 12 years old. I really don’t remember.” “I remember the headwear is so heavy, it makes me a headache. I really remember the headache that one of the headwear brought. I remember Stayed in the background for so long that I actually fell asleep. I was just sitting in a chair while I was in the background, but I couldn’t open my eyes. I really remember. But other than that, I don’t remember anything.”

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