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Asian actress Kelly Marie Tran won a place in history in August 2020, becoming the first Southeast Asian actress to play a leading role in a Disney cartoon.

For 31-year-old actress Kelly Marie Tran , leading a Disney animated film is more than a professional breakthrough. As the first person to achieve this feat, the “Raya And The Last Dragon” star made history through her role in a Disney production.

Her record-breaking transactions made her more popular, which made her a topic worthy of attention in the tabloids. So what do you know about this pioneering Hollywood icon?

Kelly Marie Tran is known for her role in the “Star Wars” series and is a successful American actress. She played Rose Tico in Lucas film’s film and played a role in subsequent releases.

Although Tran started acting in 2011, her experience in “Star Wars” marked her breakthrough and won her global recognition. Before starring in Lucas film, the entertainment icon has appeared in short films and TV.

Four years later, she played a role in the 2019 sequel “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”.

The 31-year-old continues to appear in the mysterious thriller podcast “Passenger List” and the Facebook Watch series “Sorry for your loss”.

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In Hollywood:

One of Tran’s biggest challenges is to compete in the industry as an Asian actress. It is true that her ancestry and appearance limit the roles she can play and put her at a disadvantage in the competition, just like other people of color in the United States.

This role made Kelly Marie Tran the first Asian American to play the leading role in a “Star Wars” movie. Two years later, when Vanity Fair published her photo on the cover of the 2020 summer issue, she broke another record.

By 2020, she will play an important role in “Raya and the Last Dragon” produced by Disney. This role made her the first Southeast Asian person to play the leading role in a Walt Disney animated film.

In addition, Tran also disclosed her plan to engage in film production and directing. The whole world can’t wait to see more pioneering results from her.

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