Kem clarified why the first new collection in quite a while ” love Always wins “

Kem is open for his new collection ” Love Always Wins “, Family, Adaptation to COVID Life and that’s just the beginning!

Keim is here! With his ” Love Always Wins ” album coming out soon, the singer and songwriter and some of our hit singles are from Kandi Eastman of BMW Studios in Houston! The two chatted about Kem’s new family member, how he adjusted to life during the COVID period, made a “Live Love Your Love” link with Toni Braxton, and paid tribute to Marvin Gaye and others!

Why does “lie to me” resonate so strongly:

The song has excellent co-authors Anthony Hamilton, James Poyser and Salaam Remi. Just like the rhythm of a song. We now face many challenges between the people who must be sheltered and the ethnic and political differences that have occurred in the country. After all, people just want to feel good. And they have been dissatisfied with me for a long time, you know?

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Strategies for releasing new albums during the pandemic:

As long as everyone else, my management has been waiting for this new record [laughs]. But there is no special strategy. We have been planning to release the project this year. Then COVID-19 occurred. We still decided to go all out, because music brings people together.

In the meantime, music is helping people connect in unprecedented ways:

“In view of the changes, I had to do this.” “Live Your Love” vocalist clarified. “You know, with another maker, Derek DOA Allen. He puts a ton of music together. This is presumably the most current bit of music I have ever constructed.”

One of the tracks on the collection “Can’t Stop Giving Love” has 120 beats for each moment, which is quicker than his unique sentimental ditty.

He stated: “You truly don’t think KEM can go there. Be that as it may, I can completely communicate what I need to make music, don’t keep down and pull back all the clench hands of this collection.” (Audio is ABC 1-ON-1)

Kem’s new collection Love Always Wins will be delivered on August 28.

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