Kentucky Death Toll Rises In Wake Of Tornadoes

Helen Dunmore

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear announce additional deaths within the state when tornadoes ripped through the Middle West.

We are now up to 74 Kentucky ins that we have lost one additional one in Graves since this morning. Looks like four additional Hopkins, and this is one we are checking right now.

I had 14 emergency management came back with 17. I hope that the 14 is right. Three additional in Warren County and one here in Franklin County, where an individual actually coming to work at this very complex that we’re broadcasting from was pushed off the road in the storm and lost his life.

I’ve tried to reach out to his spouse, who works for us here in the state government, and we are so sorry for their loss. Again, we expect that this death toll will continue to grow.

109 Kentuckians are now unaccounted for but as I look at this broken down by county way, more people are unaccounted for than this.

81 of these are in Hopkins County alone, 22 in Warren says five in Graves, and that can’t be right.

There are more people than that that we’ve got to identify and find hopefully safe in Graves County again. And because we have multiple of our towns in rebels, finding the numbers are going to move a little bit and we’re going to do the best we can to give you the most accurate information we can.

Yesterday, we received that major declaration from the federal government the fastest in our history. We are very grateful, and we’ve now asked for additional counties to be added, both for public assistance.

These are roads and government buildings and public infrastructure, the public assistance program as well as individual assistance for people who have lost their homes.

The extra counties that we have asked for on public assistance include Boyle, Breckenridge, Bullet, Casey, Christian, Edmondson, Grayson, Green, Harden, Hart, Hickman, Livingston, Logan, Lyon, Marion, Monroe, Ohio, Shelby, Spencer and Todd.

Those are the same counties we’ve asked for individual assistance as well. That is how widespread the damage from this event is when what I think will be an F four and five tornado touches down and stays on the ground for 200 straight miles in a state with 120 counties.

You have this many counties that have damage in this many counties that need help.

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