Kentucky Senate democratic primary race to determine who takes on senate majority leader Mitch McConnell.

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Amy Mc Grath
Amy Mc Grath,

Amy Mc Grath, A returned Marine lieutenant colonel, had a slight edge in a tougher than expected challenge from state Rep. Charles booker.

With 10 percent of the voting was done on Wednesday Morning, McGrath Led Booker, 44 percent to39.6 percent, slightly over 2000 votes. But that tally includes only the votes cast in person on Tuesday: none of the substantial number of mail-in ballots that could determine the outcome have been counted and will not be for days.

In New York, the Democratic Rep. Eliot Engel was in a tough fight for re-election. He had an angry and aggressive face-off challenge from Jamaal Bowman, A progressive candidate. The latter is running his first political campaign. The race was too early to call. According to the Associated Press, Bowman had roughly 61 percent of the votes counted as of 1:00 am. ET Wednesday, while Engel was in second with 36 percent.

With a vast increase in mail-in voting that slows counting, the long week delay in the initial results could be a preview of what the nation faces in the presidential content on Nov 3, when the outcome of the election night has not been known.


According to the reports, 161238 people voted in person on Tuesday, and by Tuesday morning, 530,196 of the 867 842 ballots send out before the election day had already been returned to the office. Any mailed0in vote postmarked by Election day will be counted.

New York had not released any mail ballots on Tuesday, which could account for more than half the vote. Officials have until July 1 to start releasing the results of the mail ballots.

In a neighboring congressional district to Engel,
s freshman Rep won her primary. While Rep Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y, held a slight edge of fewer than 1000 votes over challenger Suraj Patel in a rematch of their race for two years.

Joe Biden won his primaries on Tuesday in New York and Kentucky. Biden has now collected over 2380 delegates with Sanders 1063, according to reports.

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