Kim Kardashian West tweeted to her 68 million followers that she wants to serve by sending $500 to 1000 people.

As she knows 2020 has been a burden and financial struggle for many people, she is trying to help remove some of them.

She revealed that she has partnered with CashApp so that she can send money to 1000 people.

Kim Kardashian serving people by money
Kim Kardashian serving people by money

She has started the good work for many, as this year (2020) has been a hard time for many of those who are struggling to put food on the table.

Many are worrying about paying their bills or rent as they are out of work due to this pandemic.

This successful reality star expresses her devotion towards the deprived ones who are looking forward to someone for help.

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Kim encouraged her followers to send their $cash tag below the tweet along with the #KKWHoliday hashtag.

This act of Kim would build piler to all those in need and would motivate many of her admirers to do the same.

This star and entrepreneur, earlier this year donated $1 million to mothers and children in need through her Skims Shapewear brand.

The small act of blessing would support many in their hard times and would bring up a smile on their faces this year.

A thousand times smaller virus than a dust particle has humiliated the planet’s most powerful nation, impacted by COVID-19.

Financial ruin and illness have cracked the economic pilers of the country, as well as the pilers of many individual’s houses.

Many are worrying to bring enough amount of food to their tables, every single day.

Many are not able to put a gift under the tree for their kids, this Christmas, just because this pandemic has hit all of us so hard.

This move of humbleness of Kim would be so grateful to many of the families having a Christmas miracle.

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