Kimberly Gilfoyle had a positive coronavirus test

Helen Dunmore Jul 05, 2020 3

Guests and members of the President’s Private Club said that Kimberly Gilfoyle had a positive coronavirus test two weeks ago.

she was ending her fundraising for a few days in Mar-a-Lago.

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Guilfoyle is the girlfriend of President Trump’s eldest son. she is also the highest fundraising officer for Trump’s re-election. She arrived at the president’s private club on the week of June 15 and waited until the morning of June 20 in Mar-a-Lago when she went to Tulsa, Oklahoma to be present at the presidential rally Time.

14 days before the departure date, On Friday, she was positive for the COVID-19 test before the July 4 occasion hosted by the President at Mount Rushmore.

During Palm Beach, Guilfoyle held an array of private meetings, lunches, and dinners on the island with some of the sport’s top supporters.

Brandt said:

Brandt said: “She is supervising a large part of the largest fundraising event in political history, so her schedule is very tight and meets many people.”

Bill Koch beach residence In January, the residence of Nelson Peltz held a dinner for the president. “Her job is to talk to supporters and convince them to build alliance there”

It is not clear when and where Guilfoyle contracted the disease. However, Guilfoyle’s time to visit Palm Beach brought her close to the two-week window used in the contact tracking protocol.

Kimberly Gilfoyle positive
NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 27: Kimberly Guilfoyle attends the “Acrimony” New York Premiere on March 27, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

no symptoms :

A person familiar with the situation told The Times that Guilfoyle had no symptoms. The person told the New York Times that she and Trump Jr did not contact the president’s associates. According to the Times, the couple planned to drive back to the east coast from South Dakota out of caution.

Guilfoyle has become a frequent visitor to Mar-a-Lago, not only participating in fundraising activities but also participating in family gatherings with Donald Jr.

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She dines at the family table in the middle of the club’s banquet hall on Christmas Eve,

walked on the red carpet with Donald Jr. at Trump’s annual New Year’s Eve party, and attended the trumpeter’s gala party in February.

President took part in her birthday party:

The President also took part in the luxurious birthday party for Guilfoyle’s birthday on March 7. After that, three senior Brazilian officials also conducted a positive test for COVID-19 in the club.

Kim Guilfoyle tests positive two weeks after Mar-a-Lago visit

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