Kit Malthouse leaves his position as secretary of education in Sunak’s reshuffle.

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kit malthouse

When appointed by the incoming prime minister, Rishi Sunak’s successor will become the fifth education secretary in four months.

Kit Malthouse has resigned as secretary of education, resulting in the sector’s seventh secretary of state in four months.

Malthouse, who was appointed in September, may have either resigned or been fired by the new prime minister, Rishi Sunak.

Today, he tweeted, “As I leave the DfE (Department of Education), I do so with heartfelt thanks to the officials, my private office crew, and bright advisers who worked so tirelessly.

“I hope my successor can harness their dedication to Whitehall’s most vital mission: the future and well-being of our children.”

In addition, he extended a “big thank you to all the nursery workers, teachers, academics, staff, social workers, and others who assist in guiding our children through childhood and onto the path to success.

kit malthouse
2J221Y6 LONDON, UK. 29 March, 2022 . Kit Malthouse, Minister of State in the Home Office and Ministry of Justice leaves 10 Downing street after the cabinet meeting. Credit: amer ghazzal/Alamy Live News

Our time together was brief, but you will hear from me again in the coming months.

Malthouse maintained a low profile while in office.

His primary pledges were to create plans for two new vocational colleges in the north to match Oxford and Cambridge, to “reinvigorate” Michael Gove’s academy reforms, and to exert “continuous pressure” on schools to raise academic standards.

Liz Truss named him education secretary, making him the fourth person to hold the position in two turbulent months, during which Michelle Donelan resigned after less than two days on the post.

The education secretary merry-go-round

Nadhim Zahawi, September 15, 2021 to July 5: 293 days

Michelle Donelan, July 5 to July 7: two days

James Cleverly, July 7 to September 6: 61 days

Kit Malthouse, September 6 to October 25: 49 days

Average time as education secretary (since 1941): 764 days

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