Kundali Bhagya 20th March 2021 Update: Akshay Blackmails Kritika (written episode)

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 This Episode of Kundali Bhagya 22nd March 2021 begins with Mahira revealing to Prithvi not to belittle his power. She shows him the message where she transfer cash to Shubham’s account. Prithvi is satisfied with things at long last becoming alright. He at that point requests that Mahira and Sherlyn to move away as he can’t be seen with two different ladies when he is going to get married. Sherlyn requests that Prithvi stay faithful to her or, more than likely he will demolish everything.

Akshay Blackmails Kritika
Akshay Blackmails Kritika

Rakhi discloses to Kritika that she isn’t happy with the story told by Prithvi. Kritika says that she confides in him and needs him to help her. She says that she is worn out and needs to rest.

Preeta knows Prithvi’s intention she goes to his room and asks him what is he going to do. She says that you have consistently been a hooligan and hoodlum, Kritika loves you and you are selling out him? Prithvi says that he adores the whole group of Kritika and what she is doing isn’t right. Preeta says that she knows his real fake face and she realizes that he is already married and that Shubham was lying today.

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In time she   will find out the identity of the lady Shubham was married to. She says this is each of the tricks and I will bust it. Prithvi says that I will end up being your most noticeably awful bad dream on the off chance that you will attempt to prevent me from marrying Kritika.

Preeta is going to leave when Prithvi holds her hand on the grounds that Sherlyn is covertly getting away while they were arguing. They contend while she leaves. Kritika is seen sitting in her room thinking back on the occasions of the day. Sherlyn goes to her and inquires as to whether she is fine. Kritika told her that she is fine. Prithvi likewise goes to Kritika’s room however she requests that he leave as she needs space to think.

Prithvi makes an honest effort to draw her into his words however she is determined and needs him to leave. Karan sees Prithvi standing apart of her room and he cautions Prithvi that he has his eyes on him and will crush his face on the off chance that he at any point attempts to hurt her.

Sherlyn takes Prithvi to a corner and says that it appears as though Kritika is additionally against him now. She adds that the marriage isn’t done at this point and he should avoid any and all risks till he gets married. He should turn into a saint to be a member of the Luthra family. Prithvi says not to tell him what to do .he knows how to handle the situation

Akshay calls Kritika and wishes her on her marriage. He says that his life would have been set on the off chance that they would have been married. Kritika told him not to call her again as he used her to play with her emotions and trust. He says that you are a dolt; I never adored you yet your cash. He adds that we were truly close once and I have confirmation of that.

I need cash in return for some help to hush up about the evidence. He says that you either meet me tomorrow with 20 lakh or I will send those verifications of our closeness to your significant other and will likewise post them via online media. Kritika argues to Akshay however to no end. Kritika remains in stun as she reviews her past with Akshay.

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