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Kylie Jenner gave promotions to Ulta beauty being a partner of it, on her recent tweet.

As mentioned in the tweet, the lip kits of Kylie cosmetics at Ulta beauty are going on as buy one get one FREE offer.

Kylie gave promotion to Ulta Beauty
Kylie gave promotion to Ulta Beauty

This world’s youngest self-made billionaire was fueled by kylie Cosmetics, which changed the way things are priced and discounted.

With the help of ULTA beauty, the kylie Cosmetics beauty line boosts its growth through alternative data, including pricing and store location data.

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Back in 2018, kylie cosmetics hit Ulta beauty’s shelves, having a bigger impact on the beauty industry.

By her strategy of genius pricing, Kylie cosmetics smashed a wedge in between legacy companies and the ‘drugstore brands”

Due to which Kylie, as well as Ulta, look tremendous to the investors that lift their ways in the beauty industry.

The first kit of Kylie cosmetics was released on November 30, 2015, which was within the company’s first 18 months.

The total revenue it made was $4.2 million. The Kylie Cosmetics online catalog had around 500 individual pages.

Those pages also include duplicate products across multiple category pages for both of her products (lip kits and kyshadow.)

After the incredible success over the years, kylie was to look forward to the next step.

She wanted to join a chain to allow her fans to see and try her products in person, instead of continuing to go alone.

She made the Deal with Ulta beauty (a retailer with considerable existence in every state.

 During the holiday season of 2018, Kylie Cosmetics came around with Ulta beauty as a prestige Brand.

Kylie Cosmetics stands out among the rest at Ulta as her cosmetics is dead center in terms of price point.

Back in 2018, on 31rst of august, Kylie Jenner tweeted by saying,

“I am so excited to let you guys know that kylie Cosmetics will be coming to all Ulta beauty stores around the country the holiday.”

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