Kylie Jenner sparks pregnancy rumors with a mysterious comment on Travis Scott’s Instagram post.

David Smith
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Why exactly would Kylie Jenner share four pregnant woman emojis? Jenner and Travis Scott have a daughter, Stormi, who recently posted her first TikTok, and a son, Wolf, whose name was later changed. That’s two children, which begs the issue of why Jenner posted the emoji four times. Is this an indication that she wants to have a few more little ones, or is this her fairly subtle way of letting fans know that she’s expecting right now?

If she is pregnant again, were the consecutive emojis sent to emphasize the fact, or were they part of a code? Perhaps she is implying that she is pregnant with twins or that she and the rapper intend to have four children. People manifest things on Instagram all the time, but it’s a far bigger problem when a person of her stature does so without context.

Another possibility is that Kylie Jenner simply complimented Travis Scott’s appearance in the photo. I could envision a scenario in which her remark to him was intended to be interpreted as “I want a baby with you since you look so nice” or something like. Kylie Jenner confused her admirers when she posted a series of pregnant woman emojis beneath a recent photo of her boyfriend, Travis Scott.

The Highest In The Room hitmaker posted an Instagram photo of himself resting against a structure with his head bowed. The rapper captioned the photo: “Got there in a New York minute.”

But what drew the attention of the father of two’s 46 million followers was his girlfriend’s comment under the photo, which included a cheerful face with a protruding tongue emoji and many pregnant brunettes.

“@kyliejenner pregnant again?” One admirer questioned the reality television star, and another responded, “@kyliejenner wait, what?”

“OMG??” Another user expressed surprise as an admirer added, “A third child is on the way.”


However, some fans were quick to point out that the Kardashians star was joking, as she recently gave birth to the couple’s second child, whose name has not yet been revealed. A admirer remarked, “She’s all about playing that game,” while another added, “Kylie, you haven’t even introduced your second child.”

In 2017, Jenner and Scott began dating, and Stormi Webster was born ten months later. The pair separated in 2019, only to reconnect some time later. They recently revealed that their kid was born in February of this year.

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Whether for good or ill, the Kardashian/Jenner clan is an expert at attracting the public’s attention. I can’t help but wonder if this purported pregnancy troll is an attempt to divert public attention away from the private plane incident to which she has replied. (It is also noteworthy that this news follows Khloé Kardashian’s confirmation that she is having a second child with Tristan Thompson.) If Kylie is pregnant, the world will know in due time, but until an official answer is provided, expect widespread conjecture.

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