Lady Gaga criticizes white predominance in Higher Ground Award Acceptance Speech.

Lady Gaga was honored with Higher Ground Award for her art and activism in the 2021 Beloved Community Award. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta commonly and professionally known as Lady Gaga received Higher Ground Award on the 16th of January 2021.

Lady Gaga received Higher Ground Awards
Lady Gaga received Higher Ground Award

The personality known for her consistent image reinventions and versatility was rewarded with the Yolanda King “High Ground Award. Lady Gaga raised her voice on systemic white dominancy while accepting the Award. The 2021 Beloved Community Awards was organized by the King Center.

The King Center is an organization known for aiming to uphold the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. the American Singer and songwriter proved that she is against white Supremacy as she condemns white dominancy in her acceptance speech.

The Grammy Award winner, Lady Gaga, also tweeted on her official account about she is being honored with the Award. She wrote, “This award is a huge honor. I am so humbled. Since I first heard from The King Center, I’ve been working hard on what to say-almost one month. It’s seven minutes long but it’s important and it’s from my heart.”

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Have a look at what Lady Gaga said while receiving the Higher Ground Award.

As the Chromatica singer received the award, she continued to speak against the dominancy of whites and denounces racism. Ms. Gaga said, “I dedicate this award to Black, Brown, and Indigenous people, triumphant people, whose resilience is the life force of every beloved community in this country.”

Additionally, she spoke, “Black, Brown and Indigenous people continue to thrive in the midst of systemic oppression, thrive with radical joy, unapologetically creating full and beautiful lives despite the systems of white supremacy that are intended to keep them from doing so.”

In an interview last year, she said, “The color of my own skin is not lost on me. I believe the Beloved Community is possible when, and if, people who look like me-other white people-commit to unlearning.”

Raising her voice against racism, she said, “I invite us to stop asking ‘What is wrong with them?’ and instead relentlessly ask, ‘What is wrong with us?”

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