Lady Gaga under the spotlight with Lamborghini

Here comes a big blast for Lady Gaga fans and, it must not be wrong to relate it with Lamborghini fans as well. Since Lady Gaga has deservingly always been under the spotlight but this time, she comes with another surprising attention-grabbing move.

Lady Gaga and Lamborghini have something amazing for you all. Lady Gaga is a well-known American singer, a record producer, an actress, a lyricist, and a successful business lady.

Lady Gaga’s 911

Gaga has recently tweeted that she and Lamborghini are teamed up to support the BTW foundation. According to her tweet; lady gaga has launched a short film named 911 for this purpose on which she is giving away a Huracan EVO RWD featured in the film.  Well, the question rising in everybody’s mind right now is, WHAT’S THE PROCEDURE? Right? There is nothing difficult about it. Just go and watch lady Gaga’s latest video and get a bright chance to win a brand new Lamborghini Hurricane without wasting even a second.

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 I believe there is not a single person reading the chance of winning a Lamborghini without falling his/her chins down. The plan is to utilize the raised funds for the betterment of the foundation. Well, this move has given another reason to lady Gaga’s fans to adore her. she has not just won our hearts with her mesmerizing performance in the entertainment industry through uncountable legendry songs and her irresistible style, and her versatility but as well as by participating in such noble needs.

 This action shows another phase of her that reveals the tender side of her heart. This stunt will not only raise the foundation but also inspires many others to be a part of such activities. Well, this is a super 3 in one blast coming to our way entertainment, Lamborghini, and a noble need all in one sounds good. Isn’t it? So be the first one to avail of this offer go, watch it now.

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