“Laura Bailey get death threats”

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laura bailey threat
real life character of abey is laura bailey

Laura Bailey “The last of us 2”:

Laura Bailey gets death threats from the so-called fans of the

last of us part 2“, they are angry because of Abey’s roll in the last of us 2.

Laura Bailey played a roll, name Abey in this game, the fans of this game become so angry about her role of Abey and criticism comes in her real life.

the venom of criticism depressed her real-life which is unacceptable.

Laura Bailey shared screenshots of messages that she gets from the angry fans against her family and kids, which depresses her real life.

the voice of character abbey from the last of us 2 is receiving harassing and disturbing messages and responses from the ill-minded people who are real-life Abey character.

they troll and harass her because of her role in the last of us 2 but in real life, they are like Abey a sick-minded character. nobody has a right to disturb someone else life just because of a role played by her.

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people behaved like she in real life has a personality like Abey.

she posted on twitter :

I always try to post positive stuff on social media but sometimes this just get little devastating…….. thank you to all the spotters who appreciated me it means more than I can say……

laura bailey threat
laura bailey threat

she shares some screenshots in which disturbing language was used to threaten her.

it is scary the most of the message showed and acted like Abey, the role played by laurel bailey.

Bailey had not played a role in writing her role why this criticism she faced?

she played the role perfectly, the public should appreciate her rather than threaten her and use abusive language against her kids and family.

this entire is completely dumb and bearable.



laura bailey threat
laura bailey threat

Laura Bailey also supported by her fans and she thanked to them

one positive thing came out from this incident, people support Laurel Bailey massively and an actress who voices over on characters

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her harassment tweet is retweeted now 28 000 times and she sent a message thank you for your support.

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