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Laura Lee

Lee initially started posting pictures of her make-up looks on Instagram. Laura started her YouTube direct in 2013, posting make-up instructional exercises, hacks, and item reviews.
She teamed up with make-up brand Too Faced in 2016. She likewise worked together on an eye shadow palette with Violet Voss in June 2016.

Laura Lee Cosmetics

In April 2017, she made her lipstick conceal with MAC Cosmetics. Later that year, she worked together with Benefit Cosmetics on their Benefit Island Collection, speaking to the Precisely Brow Pencil.
In September 2017, she showed up on Today to advance her future make-up brand, Laura Lee Los Angeles. In October 2017, she delivered her first eye shadow palette, “Feline’s Pajamas”, from her image. Further in April 2018, she delivered her subsequent eye shadow palette, “Nudie Patootie” alongside three fluid lipsticks and eyeliner.

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Made exclusively by Laura Lee herself in 2017, our image is gladly vegetarian and cold-bloodedness free. Presented to quite a tremendous measure of cosmetics for a long time, Laura Lee has seen it all—the great, the awful, and everything in the middle. She has taken her long stretches of information in the field and applied it to her special image, to inspire everybody with stunning top notch adorable items. Make certain to pursue our email list for the most recent from Laura Lee Los Angeles.
Quick forward to introduce day, I’ve created huge loads of recordings about excellence, design, and my existence with the expectations of moving others to follow their fantasies.”

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With the assistance of my family, companions, and LarLees, I’ve discovered that no fantasy is too enormous if you buckle down enough. I plan to keep making recordings that help you all with your excursions – regardless of whether it’s cosmetics or your fantasies – and ensuring Laura Lee Los Angeles stays a brand made for everybody”.

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