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Blogger and style architect developed well known through her site Laura Mellado Boutique. She likewise runs the family YouTube channel LVE FAMILY close by her significant other and child.

Laura Mellado
Laura Mellado

Instagram genius James Charles has demonstrated a portion of Laura Mellado attire from Laura Mellado boutique.

Her mom ran a second-hand store called Laura’s Boutique. Her unique manifestations at first took up one mass of the boutique. Over the long haul, notwithstanding, her works turned out to be mainstream to such an extent that they assumed control over the first shop.


She recently posted a video about a Challenge. In her video, she recorded a challenge between her two best friends James CHARLES and LOUIE CASTRO. The video is available on her Youtube Channel LVE FAMILY by the title “WHO KNOWS ME BETTER? LOUIE CASTRO VS JAMES CHARLES!”

She did the same video a few months ago between her husband and her brothers.

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For now, in her latest video her starting videos’ words are quoted as:

“Okay hi guys welcome back to my channel today for this week’s video we’re gonna do “a who knows me better” between James and Louie okay guys so I have 12 questions”

In her video she also mentioned their collection, it’ll be available on On December 13th at noon.

Laura Mellado
Laura Mellado’s Tweet

The Questions included in her video were

  • Which is my favorite color?
  • When is my Birthday?
  • How old are my Brothers?
  • What is my Favourite Food?
  • She also mentioned its Biryani.
  • Her next question was how long have I and Victor been together?
  • Where was I born?
  • What is my Full name?
  • What month did I get pregnant?
  • Name Ellie’s two shades from my lip collection.
  • When did I have my first surgery oh?
  • What are my favorite chips?
  • When is Elliot’s birthday?
  • when was Laura’s Boutique first opened in what year?
  • What is my phone number?
  • Where are my parents where were my friends born?
  • Who can twerk better go ahead!

She also mentioned a giveaway on her channel and asked the fans to drop their Instagram Accounts.

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