Lea Michele racism allegations

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Lea Michele
Lea Michele Racism Allegations: What Samantha Ware and Naya Rivera

Lea Michele is known for her role as Rachel Berry in “Happy Choir”.This is all you need to know about the Lea Michele dispute.

After the death of George Floyd, the star of the former Joy Choir went to Twitter to express her support for the “BlackLivesMatter” movement.

She tweeted: “George Floyd is not worthy of this unkind behave. This is not an isolated incident, it must end. #Blacklivesmatter”

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Nevertheless, soon, the two leading actors of Michele’s Glee pointed out their hypocrisy on Twitter, considering their behavior when working together. They saw a big difference in between conversation and actions.

Samantha Marie Ware, who played the role of Jane Hayward in Season 6 of The Joy Chorus, quoted Michele’s original tweet and replied: “LAMAO people remember when you made the first TV series with me and you make that hell for me?!!!? Because I will never forget.”

Other black co-stars also share their experiences with Michele, some of them are disturbing.

Amber Riley, who originally played the actor of the Joys Choir (Mercedes Jones), tweeted support for the actor against Michele, but did not make a statement, but showed a gif image of her she drinking tea and laughing.

When fans insisted on Riley to share her views on Michele’s controversy, she replied with another expression of her own, saying “let’s move on” and explained that she would rather pay attention to the protests in the United States activity.

Alex Newell starred in “Happy Choir”

Alex Newell starred in “Happy Choir” from 2012 to 2015 as Unique Adams also expressed support and responded to her tweets with gif, telling her to “get her.”

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White actress Melissa Benoist joined the series in the fourth quarter, and she also seems to like tweets that criticize Michele and tweeted in a way that supports Ware.

Michelle, who is currently pregnant, continues to explain that because of the soon-to-be- mother, she wants to be responsible for her actions to become a “[child]” role model”.

racist allegations:

Because of racist allegations, Michele has withdrawn from the partnership with HelloFresh.

We take this very seriously and terminated the partnership with Lea Michele with immediate effect.”

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