Leading diamond producer introduced the star-studded battle starring Ana de Armas

Helen Dunmore Sep 27, 2020
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Leading diamond producer introduced the star-studded battle starring Ana de Armas to the National Diamond Council

New campaign “more important than any other moment”, highlighting the multi-purpose beauty of natural diamonds

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, September 27, 2020, the Diamond Producers Association, the world’s leading diamond producer, re-established the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) to promote the demand for natural diamonds and support the integrity of the natural diamond industry Sex.

As an industry authority, NDC’s goal is to become the preferred digital publisher of innovative content, covering all new and exciting content in the industry.

With the repositioning of the brand, NDC and Hollywood actress Ana de Armas jointly launched the first celebrity-led TV advertising campaign, “Being Different”.

This new publicity event not only welcomed the first appearance of the Natural Diamond Council, but also created many precedents for the Natural Diamond Council. This is the first time the Diamond Group has launched a celebrity-themed event, and has made important contributions to the industry that supports the livelihoods of approximately 10 million people worldwide.

This is also the first advertising campaign and the first marketing campaign for NDC’s “Natural Diamonds Only” platform to showcase a list of jewelry designers who use natural diamonds in an unusually modern way.

Hollywood’s rising star Ana De Armas shines in this multi-part ad campaign that celebrates the many types of natural diamonds that are worn or exchanged contact.

Anna’s elegant, effervescent, easy-going manner reflects the next chapter in the history of natural diamonds. The traditional creed of wearing diamonds and exchanging diamonds has been cancelled, and an open competitive environment has been preserved for them.

See Anna in a laid-back outdoor environment with friends, parents and partners. In this case, a brand new, open association will continue to be emphasized:


Diamonds are not only a privilege for romantic interests or formal occasions. They apply to every type of connection. The movement was directed by Manu Cossu and photographed by Camilla Åkrans on the coast of Portugal and was carried out in India, the United States, the United Kingdom, and China. In India, it started to roll out a digital-first strategy on the OTT platform on September 19, targeting wealthy, knowledgeable luxury consumers, and it will be released on televisions on leading high-end Hindi and English channels.

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