Leaked video of Erica Banks receives backlash for her shallow comments

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During a private Instagram Live video posted Monday morning, platinum-selling recording artist Erica Banks shared her preferences for the type of “look” among her entourage.

In the 44-second viral clip, Banks said, using air quotes for the last word, “she doesn’t have a certain “look…” “If she doesn’t look how I want her to look, physically, I don’t want her to go, because I care about the way she looks.” Like, If she ain’t thick enough, nope. Hair not did good enough, nope. Can’t dress, nope. Skinny, nope.”

A smirk spread over the rapper’s face as he continued, “And I feel like I am not discriminating against anyone.”. He walked away with a smirk on his face as he added, “Or I don’t discriminate against anyone.”. It would be a waste of time for her to come. I just don’t feel that way. It is now possible for her to attend the cookout. A listening party would be a good idea for her. For the club, I feel like I have to look a certain way.”

Erica Banks at concert
Erica Banks at concert

Social media users responded with mixed reactions to the DeSoto native’s remarks. Although some fans supported the “Flow Queen’s” sentiments, the majority criticized her harshly, sometimes by using pictures of her own nightclub attire.

In a tweet, one fan asked: “But before you became a rapper with money and your body done, what were you?” You should humble yourself.”

In my mind, I was still Erica Banks, the dumb bitch. “BBLs don’t define who I am and I can hang out with anyone I choose,” the rapper replied.

According to another fan, “@realericabanks is not even attractive enough to be saying this out loud. A BBL was just bullied into getting. Don’t do it.”

As well as that, it didn’t stop. Twitter users piled on with harsh commentary. Banks’ apparent admission that she had a Brazilian buttlift dominated the conversation.

It’s impossible for me to want to go clubbing with someone who’s shallow anyways,” tweeted @imstilljenniftb.

She doesn’t love herself enough, according to @Slickkay__. I find it ironic that she is required to have a “look” that she does not even have herself.”

She got her BBL after some yelled “get that SpongeBob body btch out of my section,” tweeted @teighxteigh.

A request for comment from the rapper was not returned.

There’s been a lot of talks lately about celebrities’ “preferences.” Prior to Banks, British actor John Boyega (Star Wars) was also criticized for disclosing his “very disciplined” dating preferences in a GQ cover story. It was reported last week that Leonardo DiCaprio broke up with actress Camila Morrone, who recently turned 25 – Leo’s alleged cut-off age.

Zendaya, who won the Best Lead Actress award at the 74th Emmy Awards this week, was discussed by Kenan Thompson, who joked, “Zendaya just turned 26.”. “At 26 years old, Zendaya seems young for Leonardo DiCaprio yet too old for him,” Thompson joked.


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