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There are powerful people, opulent interiors, pricey wines, and infamous towns of crime and corruption. Some of the most powerful and engaging Hollywood masterpieces ever created have used these themes. As long as there are mafia or action flicks or compelling television dramas, there will always be Magic.

Even though a review of Netflix’s Suits in 2022 might be out-of-date, it’s still worthwhile to write about the show’s most memorable episodes. Because of its widespread popularity, the drama series Suits has made an impact on popular culture, even if you haven’t seen it yet.

He lives in New York City with his photographic memory and street smarts, Mike Ross. He’s a dropout, yet he’s able to get students who can’t pass the LSAT (a test to go into law school) through. As a result of his parents’ deaths in a car accident, all he has left is his grandmother.

Harvey Specter, one of New York City’s most influential and well-known lawyers, sits down for an interview with Mike Ross. In spite of the fact that Mike hasn’t gone to law school, Harvey decides to hire him as a junior associate. That, however, will remain a closely guarded trade secret between the two of them, or will it?

Suits: The Legacy


When Pearson Hardman, one of the city’s most esteemed law firms, hires Mike, he joins the ranks of Harvard alums at the company. As much as Mike is determined to protect his secret, he soon understands that there are far more important matters at play in this firm.

Harvey and Mike’s skills are put to the test in a variety of situations, and they often work effectively together as well as rivals. When the barrier between personal and professional life is crossed, millions of dollars are lost, dozens of people are harmed, and the lawyers have to delve deep like sleuths.

Harvey Specter’s character has been played by actor Gabriel Macht. His personality melts into Harvey like a handful of bananas into a quart of milk. When you watch the series, you are less likely to question the cast since Gabriel’s natural resemblance to Harvey makes you less skeptical of the choice of actors.

Harvey is a sexy guy. Jessica Pearson’s best closer, he’s a gorgeous, overly groomed, and extremely successful man. A confident and accomplished lawyer who, at times, is too arrogant to be tolerated but too appealing to resist has been portrayed in the media.

Mike Ross, his new associate, isn’t like that. Mike Ross, portrayed by Patrick J Adams, a talented Canadian actor who has created a name for himself in Hollywood, is a sensitive young man determined to take on the cruel and unforgiving world.

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He has a heart of gold and empathizes with the plight of others. In addition, he has a deep understanding of the law and excellent communication skills that allow him to sit among the most powerful people in the business. As a character with a complicated past, Patrick J. Adams seems like the ideal choice to portray Mike in a way that is both true to the character and wholly unique.

Sarah Rafferty and Gina Torres also appear in the series.


Netflix’s Suits is a compelling series for minds that have seen films like Scarface, Devil’s Advocate, and Mad Men. It’s a series about a large guy with a little bit of romance and a lot of turmoil. If there are nine seasons, this indicates that it has been a successful project.

In addition to Meghan Markle’s appearance as a British Royal, the show itself features a number of intriguing facts. The show’s storyline is based on Aaron Korsh’s experience as an investment banker on the cruel Wall Street of New York City, where he worked alongside a person named Harvey. Extra credit and weight is given to the two protagonists because they are also the show’s directors.

Despite the fact that Suits is based in New York City, the majority of the show’s scenes are shot in Toronto. Even the Americans and Canadians had trouble telling the two countries apart on this one.


Apart from the painstaking planning, the script is also deeply personal. The author was the inspiration for Mike’s character. Mike reminds him of a younger version of himself.

Consequently, Aaron Korsh has a strong attachment and involvement. He sees himself as a fictional figure with a second existence on television and film. Taking advantage of chances and completing tasks more efficiently and effectively.

Suits is a deserving child of some of the most promising young performers in the business, thanks to the involvement of the actors as producers and the personal nature of the story. There are few small flaws, but it is highly recommended as a piece of art that will be enjoyed for many generations.

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