Let’s Meet the Characters of “OLD Guard”

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The Essential Immortals

old guard
Character old guard

Andy (Andromache of Scythia)

She found her eternality when she was executed by the warrior lady she saw as a mother, a double-crossing that made the homicide even more agonizing.

She was distant from everyone else for a thousand years before meeting Lyon and Noriko, two individuals like her. Lyon passes on in battle.

Noriko is lost when she’s lost a boat in the sea.Andy’s latest love was Achilles, a liberated slave who battled with the English in the Progressive War and met Andy while in the West Indies.

Nicky and Joe’s Character

Nicky and Joe are the main individuals from the group who don’t wait on what everlasting status costs them since it gives them one another.

The two of them got everlasting simultaneously, and through brutality, encountered a degree of physical association that bloomed into affection.


He lost Four children, who developed to loathe their eternity youthful dad as their bodies crumbled. They implored him to share his mystery and reviled his name when he proved unable. This is the peril of coming clean with your family

Character of Nile Freeman

Nile’s war makes them look for singular fear mongers in Afghani towns, not battling immense militaries, and the entirety of that makes it to the screen.

There’s,  in reality,  more Nile activity in the film, similar to a plane competing meeting against Andy that features her hand-to-hand battle aptitudes.

Rucka’s second-draft screenplay growing Nile’s job in the story brought Gina Prince-Bythewood ready, and the film gives the character more opportunity to investigate the distress of losing her previous lifestyle and find what she needs to do with her everlasting future.

Dr Meta Kozak

The specialist entrusted with probing Nicky and Joe is a man in the comic, and he turns into an image of the two immortals’ adoration for one another.

When Dr. Ivan chooses to let the two men free in trusts they’ll give him benevolence, they slaughter him quickly for harming the individual they love most.

Some Other Important Characters

  • Steve Merrick
  • James Copley
  • Quynh (Noriko)

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