Lib Dems seek Ofcom probe into GB News’ Post Office coverage.

The Lib Dems request Ofcom to probe alleged bias in GB News‘ Post Office scandal coverage, citing attacks on Sir Ed Davey. The party alleges GB News hosts Nigel Farage and Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg targeted opposition figures but ignored Tory MPs’ involvement. Sir Ed, the Lib Dem leader, faces criticism for not meeting campaigners during his role as the minister responsible for the Post Office. GB News has not provided a comment.

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Post Office scandal.
Post Office scandal.

‘Democracy deserves better’
Daisy Cooper, the Lib Dem deputy leader, penned a letter to Ofcom, alleging that Mr. Farage delivered “a fictitious monologue” about Sir Ed, containing “numerous factual inaccuracies” in Tuesday’s show.

“The Liberal Democrats were denied any right of reply. This violates both the accuracy and impartiality elements of the Ofcom code,” Ms. Cooper asserted.

Sir Ed faced criticism for initially declining to meet Alan Bates, the post office operator leading the campaign against injustice. He later became the first minister to meet Mr. Bates.

Mr. Farage, honorary president of Reform UK, hosts a daily evening news show on GB News, preceding former Tory cabinet minister Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg’s program.

Ms. Cooper accused Sir Jacob of targeting “political leaders from other parties about the scandal, without mentioning his own party’s role in this devastating miscarriage of justice.”

She noted the oversight of the Conservatives in awarding ex-post office chief Paula Vennells a CBE and appointing her as a non-executive board member in the government.

Ms. Cooper also highlighted the governments’ delay in financial redress for the victims during Sir Jacob’s tenure.

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Expressing skepticism about Tory deputy chair Lee Anderson‘s impartiality during his GB News show, she cited his call for Sir Ed to resign in the Commons.

Amid a general election year, Ms. Cooper stressed, “British democracy deserves better than biased, misleading, and at times, frankly absurd news reporting on important matters.”

GB News has faced multiple Ofcom investigations for alleged breaches of the code, often linked to shows hosted by politicians.

In September, Ofcom found an interview with Tory MPs Philip Davies and Esther McVey, along with the chancellor ahead of the Spring Budget, breached impartiality rules.

One month subsequently, Ofcom determined that GB News violated impartiality rules in an interview between former Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney and Reform Party leader Richard Tice.


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