Everyone Loves NFL Will Play Lift Every Voice And Sing

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Everyone Loves NFL Will Play Lift Every Voice And Sing

Roger Goodell
Roger GoodellEveryone Loves NFL Will Play Lift Every Voice And Sing

Four weeks after Commissioner Roger Goodell gave his word to listen to and collaborate with them in their fight against racial equality.

the National Football League (NFL) is consolidating plans to pass within the first week of 2020.

Some games plan to pay tribute

Some games plan to pay tribute to the victims of organized racism.

Sources say the league is working with players to be acquainted with sufferers of racism all over the season during various games. The alliance is also taking into account public service declarations.

It is said that the NFL is discussing with NFLPA to finalize the plan soon.

lift every voice and sing

Starting from the opener of the National Television Regular Season between the Houston Texans and the Kansas Chiefs on September 10.

“lift every voice and sing”, (also known as the black national anthem) will be sung but NFL officials have not yet finalized.

National anthems will be on aired on Sunday afternoon. And will be televised in the “Sunday Night Football” and “Monday Night Football” matches. 

Former this week, NASCAR played “Lift Every Voice and Sing” before Pocono 350. The song has also been performed at various other sports events, including the Georgetown men’s basketball game,

The person said that after suggesting with many players and the NFL Players Association. NFL officials also plan to commemorate the victims of police brutality through elements such as helmet decals or jerseys.

first week of broadcasting

It can also expect that the first week of broadcasting will include many educational PSAs about the victims and their families.

Last month, in a nationwide protest against the death of George Floyd, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was accused of failing to stand behind the players participating in the protest; He admitted that he was wrong with the players kneeling in response to police brutality during the national anthem. 

Goodell expressed his support for “black life problems” in a video posted on social media.

Goodell said:

  “We are the National Football League, condemning racism and systematic oppression of black people“.

  He said:

  “We, the National Football League, recognize that we do not listen to NFL players as early as possible and encourage everyone to speak out and carry out Peaceful protest is wrong.”

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