Rapper Lil Fizz video Is Trending For All The Wrong Reasons Again

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So by now, I think we all know what we getting at. Do y’all remember Lil Fizz? He was the youngest member of the R B group B2K. And right now, your dude is going viral, because, as I said in the last article, celebrities, influencers, whatever we want to call them, they all going to the part industry or whatever the case may be. They are all workers in some type of way. And as I said, your body, your life, your choice. Do as you please. I am never here to judge.

But unfortunately, the Internet, is their life, their choice. And as of now, they’re comparing his little man to a mushroom. And if you are confused, let me get straight to the point. Fizz has a social media account, and on this account, he posted a video of himself. Now, not only are his fans saying that his meat looked like a mushroom, specifically the mushroom of a Mario cart, but they said he had a very weird technique of whacking off.

Lil Fizz video Is Trending
Lil Fizz video Is Trending

Now, as I told you all in the past, these influencers, these celebrities, they’re doing anything for their accounts They’re going above and beyond. Like, for example, Jimmy, is a straight man. He posted a video to his account and accumulated $2 million.

Messiest Reactions To Lil Fizz’s Video

Leaked videos currently stirring up messy shenanigans on the internet are Lil Fizz’s latest trend after months of trending over a leaked video of his fizzle pop.

There is no telling why the B2K bae-turned-Love & Hip-Hop star posted everything he did on social media, but the questionable leaks left fans (and everyone else) confused because WHY ???

A leaked video featuring Fizz’s interesting equipment sparked hours of social media controversy.

You can watch Fizz pulling his fizzle pop in multiple clips on social media if you’re thirsty for leak videos.

Fans wondered why his ex Apryl Jones (who shares two children with fellow B2K bandmate Omarion) ended their relationship to party with Fizz and his –well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

Back in 2019, when their messy relationship was gaining backlash, she gushed over their first life.

Lil Fizz’s Twitter Video Explain

Well, guys, I hope you understand that the video and pictures of Lil Fizz I share in this article, have to edit them, because if I don’t, I’ll get thrown off by Google, and I don’t really want that. And I’m especially not going to get thrown off for someone like Lil Fizz. So the last time we caught up with the rapper is he really a rapper? Little Fizz was in February when stuff also leaked onto social media and we covered it there.

Now this has happened again, except this time it’s a kind of new level of gross, I think. Anyway, it’s really not pleasant at all. As if this stuff is ever pleasant.

I find this one particularly unpleasant. I mean, call me someone with a really stuffy conservative opinion, but I don’t really want to see a video of a man’s butt. That’s the way I am. I just have certain standards. It’s not something I’m interested in seeing.

And thanks to Lil Fizz, a lot of us have seen it, perhaps even against our will, by just clicking on his name on Twitter to see why he’s trending. This is what is presented to us.$26.That’s what he’s charging for people to see the video and these pictures.


Think about what you could do with $26. Yeah, I know it’s not a huge sum of money, but you could buy some food, buy some books for your kids, buy a CD. Do you still buy CDs? You could buy a CD. You could buy, well, several Hot Wheels cars. You could even maybe buy a cheap PlayStation game. You could buy a pair of socks. You could buy a torch. I’m going along a list here that could just be never-ending, so let’s not carry on.

But you get my point. There are better things you could spend your money on. I think for me, what I find most upsetting about this whole thing, aside from the grossness and the fact that I don’t understand why anyone would want to film that part of their anatomy and then put it on a public website where people pay to see it.

I think what’s really annoying is that this is now how people can make money without having to perhaps work on what was their original talent. Like, If you’re a musician and it’s not working for you, then there seems to be this thing where you can drift onto any fans and make extra money and not have to worry about your music, which seems a bit sad, because what you’re doing is you’re basically saying, well, the music is not going well.

I’ll just show everyone my video and images and make some quick money. It’s annoying that the Internet allows you to do that, I think, because I’m sure there are better things you could be doing with your time, and it’s sad that you can be rewarded and rewarded very well.

I don’t think it’s a good idea. I don’t think it’s a very clever thing, and I am certainly not proud and I don’t really care what people say, but there you go, that’s what he’s been up to. So, yeah, let me know what you think. Although you probably don’t want to think about this.

Lil Fizz Video Leaked on Twitter
Lil Fizz’s Video Leaked on Twitter

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