Lionel barber criticized Boris Johnson to egged upon the transmissibility of the new strain of the virus

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Lionel barber criticized Boris Johnson to egged upon the transmissibility of the new strain of virus
Lionel barber criticized Boris Johnson to egged upon the transmissibility of the new strain of virus

Do you think that this is an astounding and shockingly ill-informed tweet by Lionel Barber?

It is seen that in one of the recent tweets, Lionel barber criticized Boris Johnson that he is encouraging the foolish act of transferability of the new strain of virus too much.

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He also mentioned that he is egging this act to justify the belated canceling of the Christmas, and in that way, he ended up spooking European neighbors.

Has Boris Johnson been contradicted by experts in the field?

Obviously, this is declared by many of the scientists that this is too early to say, conclusively whether or not this new variant is more transmissible.

Boris Johnson was heard saying that it was 70{7d6bb1f761e691f027164c9fe6d1ebbc4659a250013ce39dc45a15ede39dbac5} more easily spread, probably he is not aware of It as many experts until yet are not known. But in some sense, this is possibly an accurate assessment for the delay.  Lionel barber claims he is “pretty clear’, is he having some decent evidence for criticizing Johnson on encouraging the transmissibility of the new strain?


Una Galani is seen replying to Lionel barber’s tweet differently as she claims that the countries around the world are totally spooked and throwing up walls.

She also claims that this case goes way beyond Europe as European neighbors are not spooked, analyzed by this tweet, it is “pretty clear” that European neighbors only take adequate measures to protect themselves from the latest facts as they emerge that is obviously not good for business.

Scientists are declaring day by day about SARS-COV-2 being very serious, but this tweet would give viewers the impact that ‘Lionel barber is happy to undermine that for retweets’

Sadly, many of the people will go along with this tweet’s message and would not be following precautions as they should do surviving with the new strain of the virus. That would probably result in deaths.

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