Lori Harvey Sets the Record Straight: Clearing Up Relationship Misconceptions and Rumors

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Lori Harvey Clears Up Rumors and Misconceptions

Lori Harvey was recently interviewed by E! host Adrienne Bailon, where she addressed some of the biggest misconceptions about her. In the interview, Lori shared her thoughts on the rumors and false stories that have circulated about her.

Lori Harvey dating diddy and his son False Relationship Rumors

Lori shared that she has often seen stories about her being fully in love with someone, only to find out that she has never even met the person before. She also denied rumors of dating both Sean “Diddy” Combs and his son Justin Dior Combs, stating “I’ve heard I dated a father and son before. Absolutely not true.”

Advice from her Dad

Lori mentioned that her dad, Steve Harvey, has given her some advice when it comes to dealing with these misconceptions. She said that she tries to remember that she is the prize and that means not compromising her values, her happiness, her peace, not settling for less than what she knows she deserves and not being afraid to walk away from a situation if it’s no longer serving her.

In conclusion, Lori Harvey has cleared up some of the misconceptions and rumors that have been circulating about her. She has shared her thoughts on dealing with these rumors and the advice she receives from her dad Steve Harvey.

Who is Lori Harvey?

Lori Harvey is an American model, influencer, and the stepdaughter of comedian, television host, and producer Steve Harvey. She has gained popularity for her modeling work with brands such as Fashion Nova and Revolve, and her active presence on social media platforms such as Instagram.

She has also been featured in various magazines and has walked in several fashion shows. Additionally, Harvey has also been in the news for her romantic involvement with various celebrities, including Michael B. Jordan and Diddy.

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