Los Angeles Explosion, 11 Firefighters injured

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According to the fire department, on Saturday, a fire and an explosion near downtown Los Angeles injured 11 firefighters and four of them to an intensive care unit (ICU).

Los Angeles Explosion
Los Angeles Explosion
Credit: Ringo H.W. Chiu/AP

Fire Department Chief Ralph M. Terrazas said that on Saturday evening, Firefighters reached to Little Tokyo and Skid Row, where light to moderate smoke was coming out of a building. 

A video

Sean Miura shared a video on Twitter account. He captured the blaze and shared it. 


He said that he had not been close enough to determine if anyone had been harmed but was concerned for the unhoused residents in the area and the neighboring residents as the quality of air had been affected. 

 LAFD spokesman Capt. Erik Scott said the building had been locked, then the crews had to use power saws to force their way in.

More than 230 firefighters went to the scene when they heard the call. 

LAFD said that a person said the blaze might have started Smoke Tokes Wholesale Distributor

Scott said that some firefighters had climbed up on the ladder to try to ventilate the proof, and others had entered on the ground. But when the firefighters had heard the high-pitched sound and a call had been made to get out.

Scott said, but the crew members who were coming down the ladder had to face the fire. The smoke had raised so much that it could be seen outside Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Explosion
Los Angeles Explosion
Credit: Stefanie Dazio/AP

He added that the fire truck ‘s seats had begun to burn. And the fire had also damaged the protective equipment like coats, and parts of helmets melted. 

Four firefighters were in the ICU, and many were injured. At least 11 fighters were injured. LAFD Medical Director Dr. Marc Eckstein said that two were put on the ventilators. 

Scott said that the building had been a warehouse for SmokeTokes, which he had defined it had been a maker of “butane honey oil. Butane is odorless and easily ignites gas that is used in the process to extract THC and to create hash oil. 

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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