Louisiana’s abortion law is unconstitutional

Helen Dunmore
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abortion law

Louisiana’s law abortion law is unconstitutional 

The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that a Louisiana law requires that those who perform abortions in clinics

must recognize the constitutional rights in the nearby hospital as unconstitutional because

it imposes an unjustified load on women looking for an abortion.

In this case, the court made a judgment in case 5-4, namely June Medical Services LLC v. Russo. Chief Justice John Roberts voted with the liberal justice of the court again to make a decisive vote.

literally consistent law of Louisiana

The opinion written by Judge Stephen Breyer pointed out that the laws of Louisiana are almost “literally consistent”

with the laws of Texas, and the Court’s The State v. ruled that the establishment was unconstitutional. The District Court rejected Louisiana law because of this pattern, but the Court of petition ruled otherwise.

Breyer wrote: “We have carefully checked the wide records and accomplished that it carries the factual findings of the local courts.” “These findings reflect the findings of

“All Women’s Health” in all pertinent respects, and the same result is requisite. Therefore, we believe that Louisiana regulations are unconstitutional.

In the end, most people believed that the case was the same as the 2016 case and decided consequently.

Roberts wrote: “In the absence of special circumstances, the legal policy of staring decision-making requires us

to treat the case as if it were a case.”

“For the same reason, Louisiana law imposes the same severe burden on abortion as required by Texas law. Therefore, the laws of Louisiana cannot be our precedent.”


The ruling was violently criticized by conservatives.

Thomas continued to speak frankly, “The abortion precedent is seriously wrong and should be overturned.”

At the same time, Monday’s ruling may affect legal and political efforts to reduce broader abortion rights.

Louisiana’s regulations are just one of the dozens of new comprehensive state-level abortion restrictions across the country,

and activists on both sides say this may prompt the Supreme Court to revisit its Roe v for ten years. Wade jurisprudence to ensure that women have the right to medical procedures.

In January, Trump became the first current president to personally attend the anti-abortion life parade. He told activists: “I fight for you, we fight for those who have no say,

and we will win because we know How to win.”

Democrats running for the White House agreed to nominate the Supreme Court for judges

who will respect abortion rights throughout the primary season.

Paul Smith, a professor at the Georgetown Law Center, said: “Abortion and courts have been a political issue for a long time.”

“If you look back and look at the debate of the candidates, this seems to be a conservative more motivated,

or a problem that has always existed in history. This year may change.

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