Luka Doncic made the history in the NBA playoff against Clippers

Dallas Mavericks vs Clippers, Guess the winner. Luka Doncic made the Sunday and leave a history behind him. An interesting wining against Clippers in the NBA playoff game 4.

Dallas Mavericks made the weekend, due to the extraordinary performance. Made match tie in the first round against Clippers on Sunday afternoon.

Luka Doncic caught the eyes of viewers with sensational game 4 win against Clippers

After that history had made, Credits of this stunning victory goes to Guard Luka Doncic. He makes the match interesting and caught the eyes of viewers throughout the match. Luka Doncic completed 43 points, seventeen rebounds, and 13 assists. He hit the game-winning 3 pointer Over clippers during overtime almost 5 extra minutes. Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway Jr. helped Doncic and won by 46 points. After the knee soreness of Kristaps Porzingis Dallas Mavericks comes.

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Clippers total output in the game

The output of Lou William wasn’t enough for Clippers he hit 36 points, 5 assists, and four rebounds. After that Kawhi Leonard made 322 points, nine rebounds, and 4 assists but this wasn’t a good addition in the output of Clippers.

Clippers needed more points at that time from their players at the end but Luka Doncic makes the eye-catching winning tale in the history of NBA playoff.

Clippers vs Mavericks was an interesting match, Mavericks has the most passionate players, they played well and proved that they can make the history and left an interesting chitchat behind him.

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